‘Deadliest Catch’: What Is Zack Larson Doing Today?

by Alex Falls

Deadliest Catch has been going strong for 18 seasons now, and there’s no sign of the reality show slowing down any time soon. The big-time reality series follows several crews of Alaskan king crab fishing boats and the dangerous working conditions they face.

The dramatic maritime action brought the TV audience in, but the list of unexpected characters who manned these ships is what turned the audience into long-time fans. Witnessing the extreme sea action is only half of the viewing experience.

One of the fan’s favorite characters from recent years of Deadliest Catch is Zack Larson, son of “Wild” Bill Wichrowski. Larson is slated to take part in season 18 of the show, but fans might be curious to know what he’s up to right now. Business is certainly booming for the fisherman when he’s not on the hunt for the juicy crabs of Alaska. Recently, Larson took to his Instagram to share the adventures that are in front of him.

“Wanted to thank the Dwyer family and @captseandwyer for the opportunity to run a boat again for the summer salmon season,” Larson said in the post caption. “Also Sean is giving me a chance to prove my worth as a captain and I’ll be running the boat for this up and coming cod seasons in the fall and winter.”

Zack Larson Reflects on Relationship With His Father

Larson’s relationship with his father created some emotional scenarios for the show. Throughout his time on the show, most of the focus on Larson regarded the strained relationship he shared with Wild Bill. But their relationship improved immensely once Larson finally became a captain in his own right. Larson reflected on all of those years in his Instagram post.

“A lot of people have helped me get to this point in my career. My dad, @captainwildbill_official doesn’t get enough credit for that,” Larson said. “Though the past few years have been strenuous on our relationship. We have also been working at getting back to what we had before. I typically don’t share much anymore, but my dad was the first to call and tell me congratulations, say how proud he was of me, and offered any help he could if I run into problems on the boat. I’m looking forward to this next step in my career. Thanks for all the support out there over the years.”

Fans took to the comments to voice their support for their favorite father and son fishing duo. “Congrats dude. Good to hear you and the dude are still talking,” wrote one user. “That’s awesome Zack! Both on running the boat and working with your dad on a relationship! Safe travels!” wrote another fan.

No matter where the seas take them, fans are always willing to tune into Deadliest Catch to see the latest adventures of their favorite fisherman.