‘Deadliest Catch’: Why Alaskan Crab Fishermen Were Initially Opposed to the Show

by Tia Bailey

Alaskan Crab Fishermen explained why they were opposed to the show Deadliest Catch. The show follows crab fisherman in intense situations.

Deadliest Catch is in the middle of their 18th season. The Discovery show follows “the hardcore lives of crab fisherman in various fishing vessels.” It is definitely an intense program to watch, but many love it. However, at the beginning, Alaskan Crab fishermen were not on board with the show.

Captain Sig Hansen, one of the stars of the show, participated in an interview with The Fishing Website. During the interview, Hansen reveals why the fishermen didn’t like the idea of the show.

“The first time around we wanted to do it for our families as a kind of a keepsake. We took a lot of heat and a lot of them turned their backs to us,” he said. “These days, all the guys that turned their backs to us want to participate in the show – they see the good that has come from it. Dutch Harbour is such a little town that they were afraid that, seeing the true working conditions, the insurance companies would freak out and take it negatively, but they haven’t done that. Now the benefits are also political. The governor of Alaska said that we have done more for the state than anybody, and those are pretty big words. How can you go wrong?”

‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Sig Hansen Shares Show Info

Hansen also revealed several other pieces of information about the filming of the show. For example, they technically get paid to be on the show, but it’s not their main source of livelihood.

“They pay a little bit of money for the time and effort involved, but it’s not like we are getting rich on it,” he explained. “It would be nice to see more, but what are you going to do? I see there are benefits on the other side of the coin, or I would not want to do it anymore. It is a hassle having the camera crews on board – it’s not easy.”

When asked if there was ‘good money’ in crabs, Hansen said: “It’s cyclical. We’ve worked for thirty days and lost money, and then we have had eighty-hour seasons where we have done over half-a-million bucks. Now there is a rebound in stocks, it is starting to get a little better – that is another benefit to the IFQ – we are able to lease additional quota, which can supplement our income. But the money is not the same as it was in the seventies or mid-eighties.”

Although the money isn’t always great, it’s what the crew loves to do. Hansen made it clear they weren’t in it just for the money.

New episodes of Deadliest Catch premiere on Discovery,