‘Deadliest Catch’: Why Josh Harris Says It’s ‘Really Creepy’ Fishing for Golden King Crab

by Tia Bailey

Deadliest Catch” has returned for season 18, and this season the crew are met with a change — they can no longer fish for the red king crab. The team turns to other kinds to hunt, including the golden king crab, which is “really creepy” to fish for.

They are no longer able to fish for the Red King Crab because of the Alaskan government’s shutdown of red king catching for the 2021-2022 season. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game closed Bristol Bay for the season due to there not being enough mature red king female crabs. The crew has flipped to catching other sea life for the time being.

Josh Harris and his crew took to the deep blue to hunt for the golden king crab. This proved to be a difficult species to catch. In a Q&A with Entertainment Weekly, Harris explained why. He said, “This crab is just so deep into the ocean. One pot is equivalent to about seven pots. It is deep down there and you catch a lot of weird things. You’re going miles deep into the ocean. It’s really creepy.”

Although creepy, hunting for these crabs is necessary for the crew. When hunting of the red king crabs was shut down, the crew’s season was shut down as well. Harris stated that “a lot” of their friends went bankrupt as a result of this.

“Gold king crabs are a complicated thing to do, but we didn’t have a choice… We’re just trying to stay afloat and keep the boat moving,” Harris said to Entertainment Weekly.

“Deadliest Catch” Struggles with Red King Crab Shutdown

While Harris’ team decided to go for another species, Sig Hansen’s crew headed out to Norway, where there are more red king crabs. “Just out of the gate, golden king crabs are a nightmare. That’s a totally new species of crab that I was not prepared to catch and I don’t think my crew was either. I mean, that’s a nightmare itself. We came with the mindset that we were hopefully going to catch red crab this year, but it was shut down, and there were different options of things we could do,” Harris told Entertainment Weekly. Season 18 began with the two crews dealing with the Alaskan shutdown.

Additionally, Harris’ older brother, Shane, made an appearance in the season as well, joining Josh’s crew. Harris says the crew ended up needing a hand, and he “somehow bamboozled him” into helping them out this season. This is the first time his brother returned to the harbor in 25 years. Harris says Shane has always been his hero.

If you need to catch up on season 18, “Deadliest Catch” is available to watch on Discovery+. The show’s next episode premieres on August 2.