‘Deadliest Catch’: Why Some Longtime Fans Grew Tired of the Show

by Joe Rutland

Viewers of Deadliest Catch have watched the show go through a lot of different scenarios and issues over the seasons. Sometimes, they are very real and touching. Others have left fans wondering if the drama is real or made up. There are some longtime fans who simply have grown tired of watching the show. They make their claims known and even pinpoint when these changes in the show happened.

Let’s open this look at the popular Discovery Channel show with this comment from a Reddit thread. One fan simply states, “I can no longer watch this show. The fake drama is unbearable”. But there’s more to this Redditor’s comment. After saying that they watched the first episode last season, the person writes, “I can no longer watch this show. I’ve deleted my PVR scheduled recordings. No more for me. The drama they have introduced this year makes me cringe every few minutes.”

Fans of ‘Deadliest Catch’ Say Show Changed When Phil Harris Died

These crab fishermen go out there and do their best to battle incredible odds and waves. The Bering Sea is not always easy to maneuver through for these people. But some viewers have expressed the opinion that the fake drama is too much to handle. Some are pointing toward the death of Captain Phil Harris and the ensuing shows as a time when Deadliest Catch did reflect true drama.

Another Redditor says, “I also agree with you that the show began going downhill after the season when Phil passed away. The show has taken on a real “reality” feeling ever since. It’s enjoyable every once in a while because I like some of the characters but it’s definitely lost its original mission to be a real “reality” show.” One fan on the Reddit thread says that the show peaked when he died. He writes, “And that was all very real, very authentic drama that totally changed the dynamic of the show. Since then, they’ve tried way too hard to match that kind of suspense and drama.”

Something to consider around Harris’ death that has remained part of the show is watching how his son, Josh Harris, has stayed in the business. It would be easy to simply go away and not do this type of work again. Harris, though, chose to keep plugging away. Earlier this year, he reflected upon “another year” without his father around. In a photo he shared on his Instagram account, Josh would write, “You know I still miss his corney jokes and that fucked up mullet of his lol… love ya pops here’s to another year. #missyapal”. Josh also has given credit to Sig Hansen for being kind to him.