Mike Rowe Was Totally Freaked Out After His First Experience on a ‘Deadliest Catch’ Boat

by Taylor Cunningham

Mike Rowe made himself famous by highlighting the countries’ most difficult, dirtiest, and uncomfortable jobs. But when he got a taste of life as a crab fisherman on Deadliest Catch, the occupation was even too much for him.

Rowe lends his voice to the Discovery Channel series as the narrator. And he happily does his work from the studio. But on one occasion, Rowe experienced the Bering Sea firsthand. And when he did, he was terrified.

As Mike Rowe shared with GamerLive.TV, he took only one trip aboard a crab fishing boat. And from the start, he realized how the series earned its name.

While he wouldn’t share which crew he set sail with, because he didn’t want to “get anyone in trouble,” he noted that standing on the deck of the rocking boat with 700 lb crab pots swaying and massive waves crashing was unsettling. And at one point, he was so concerned that he asked the captain if the conditions warranted a call to OSHA.

The ‘Deadliest Catch’ Captain Said it Wasn’t ‘His Job’ to Keep His Fishermen ‘Alive’

The captain, who was used to the conditions, was confused by the question. Because there is rarely a day that crews are safe on the job. And he expected everyone on the ship to understand that. He also wanted Rowe to understand that he was at the helm for one reason and one reason only. And it wasn’t to keep the crew “alive.”

“‘Son, I know it’s dangerous,’” Rowe recalled the captain saying. “He was my again, and he called me ‘son.’ I loved it. He said, ‘Son, I’m the captain of a crab boat. My job’s not to get you home alive. My job is to get you home rich. You wanna go home in one piece? That’s on you.’”

Mike Rowe admitted that the conversation was eye-opening. In every other profession, a worker’s well-being is the responsibility of their superiors. But while crab fishing, it’s every man and woman for themselves. And understanding that no one was looking out for him made him “very, very aware of the danger” that was around him.

“I became way more careful than I normally would be,” he added.

Later in the interview, Mike Rowe revealed that the experience happened before Deadliest Catch debuted. At the time, they had an idea of what it would be about, but they hadn’t worked out the details. Initially, he planned on hosting from the deck. But after he got back to land and the producers watched the footage, they realized that it was better without him in it. So he “was what you called, removed,” but they still liked his iconic voice. So he “stayed on to narrate.”