Does Simon Cowell Have ‘X Factor’ Reboot in the Works?

by Leanne Stahulak

Look out, “X Factor” fans, because 2023 could be the year that Simon Cowell and his production company, Syco Entertainment, bring back the beloved singing competition.

Simon Cowell created “X Factor” in 2004, judging on the show until 2010 when he left to develop a U.S. version of the TV show. Cowell eventually returned to the U.K. show in 2014 after the American version ended. He then judged until canceling the show in 2018.

Cowell swore off “X Factor” for the next five years, saying it had gone “stale” in the U.K. Now, Simon Cowell’s ex-girlfriend, Sinitta, claims that he wants to bring it back next year.

The 58-year-old pop star spoke to The Daily Mail at London’s Pride celebration earlier this week. She claims Cowell might bring it back without judges and without airing on ITV.

“I’m so excited about it and I have spoken to Simon and I think it would be great for it to come back. I need to hear more,” Sinitta revealed.”He was kind of like, ‘We’ll talk next week,’ so I don’t know if he was just being evasive or if he was genuinely busy. But I was like, ‘Let’s talk, what’s going on?'”

Personally, Sinitta loves the idea of bringing “X Factor” back and revamping it to fit more with modern entertainment.

“But I think it would be a great idea for it to come back and really really really reinvent it, make it different because talent is talent,” she explained. “I think talent needs to be showcased, needs to be discovered. They need the help. And it’s a great platform if it can be done again in a modern way. Maybe online so that the world can join.”

As for that online format, she sees a version where the greater audience would join judges like Simon Cowell.

“I personally think online would be amazing. I think for it to be live-streamed online to make it interactive and international would be incredible. Because that’s the way the world is now,” Sinitta said.

Sources Say Simon Cowell Wants To Bring ‘X Factor’ Back in 2023

Earlier, The Daily Star reported that a source spoke to them about Simon Cowell bringing back “X-Factor” next year. Per the source, he wants to “recapture the magic” of the televised singing competition.

“It has been decided that the time is right to bring it back. It’s really exciting,” the source said. “Everyone who will be working on the new series can’t wait to get started. Things are in the early stages at the moment. But the wheels are definitely in motion.”

The source claims that “production will begin at the end of the year.”

If they speak true, then maybe we will see “X Factor” on our screens in 2023. But that depends on Simon Cowell and whether he sees value in bringing it back. For now, Cowell can focus on “America’s Got Talent” and his other projects.

Stay tuned for more updates on “X Factor” and its potential return.