‘Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman’ Reunion Set in New Movie From Lifetime

by Joe Rutland

If you are a fan of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, then get ready for a reunion as part of a movie from Lifetime. And yes, stars Jane Seymour and Joe Lando will be a part of this movie. What is it called? A Christmas Spark and we get more details thanks to TV Insider.

According to the synopsis provided, Seymour will play Molly, who is recently widowed. Lando will play Hank and we get more about him coming up. For Molly, she has just about given up any hopes of finding love in her life ever again. She is still heartbroken over her loss.

Jane Seymour, Joe Lando To Appear In This Movie

Well, Molly goes and visits her daughter for the Christmas season. We also learn that Molly is a former drama teacher. She is now becoming the director of this town’s Christmas pageant. And who plays the leading man? Hank! He happens to be this town’s most eligible bachelor, according to the synopsis. We soon see Molly and Hank fall in love with one another.

While doing this, Molly incredibly finds a new zest for living and even her inner free spirit. But wait, there’s more. We soon find the star of this pageant losing her foice just before the show takes the stage. Now, it is all up to Molly as she moves into the spotlight. This puts her in a prime position to stand out among the people in the audience. It happens to be the first time this happens in her life. This movie is being produced by Lighthouse Pictures. Executive producers include Toni Braxton, Stephen Bulka, and Jamie Goehring. Rhonda Baraka will direct the movie.

Put Seymour Down For ‘Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman’ Reboot

Now, there are some people who would love to see a Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman reboot. Go ahead and add Seymour to the mix about this one. The show was quite popular in its original run and there are new fans. After all, the show has landed in the world of TV reruns, too. Seymour talked about this back in June.

“It’s not dated because it’s dated anyway — [like the Yellowstone spinoff 1883] is dated,” Seymour would tell TV Insider in an interview “All those wonderful westerns that are now coming back. It [Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman] was ahead of its time. I think it would do better. With the craziness going on in the world, people want to see something that is about the community that is dysfunctional and how they can wrap their heads around everything.” The original series ran for six seasons on CBS and also has been the subject of two TV movies as well.