Drew Barrymore Cancels Talk Show Tapings for Season Premiere

by Samantha Whidden

Although the third season of her daytime talk show is to premiere on September 12th, Drew Barrymore has made the decision to cancel the TV show’s taping after it suffers low ratings. 

The Sun reports that the guests of Drew Barrymore’s self-titled talk show who were scheduled to appear for the September 8th morning taping were informed that the filming is canceled. “Production changes” is notably the reason for the cancelation. 

The media outlet also reveals that ticket holders are to apply for two of the September 15th tapings. The guests were given a code to get priority tickets. If the guests are unable to attend the September 15th taping, they are able to apply for another day with the code. “We apologize for the short notice and any inconvenience that may cause to you and your party,” the email to guests reads. 

Meanwhile, the third season premiere taping cancelation comes just after the show’s previous season received bad ratings. The show’s second season averaged 500,000 viewers per day. It came in third of ABC’s morning show Live With Kelly and Ryan. The Drew Barrymore Show has invited various celebrity guests. This includes Paris Hilton, Kate Hudson, Dakota Johnson, Cameron Diaz, and Andy Cohen. 

CBS Media Ventures announced earlier this year that in order to boost ratings, it will produce the show as two half-hour episodes. Drew Barrymore shared her thoughts about the approach. “I am honored and grateful but I also want to take this show higher and continue to innovate and be a game changer in the daytime space.” 

Drew Barrymore is looking to rise to the occasion in how viewers watch the show. “Our show wants to be a bright spot, not a blind spot,” she explained. “And we just want to make people feel good.”

Drew Barrymore Reveals Her Talk Show’s Inspirations 

In a 2020 interview, Drew Barrymore opened up about her self-titled daytime talk show and its inspirations. 

“We’re all human beings on this planet going through our lives and our journeys,” Drew Barrymore explained. “And there’s a way to connect through that. We don’t have to poke. I’m not looking to mess someone over. But at the same time, I just like to go in beneath the layers. I can’t stand the surface. I’ve never lived in that space.”

However, Drew Barrymore is not interested in discussing politics. “I find politics extremely alienating to one side of the other,” she explained. “Depending on who’s watching. And I don’t want to make people feel not welcomed here or judged or disliked.”

In regards to what she’s really hoping for with her talk show, Drew Barrymore would rather have spontaneity. “I like to go in blind and play because life is just too short not to. I’ve had all my stuff there, and I know how raw and vulnerable it feels. I don’t want to make people feel that way. But I do want to talk about stuff. I’m not shy. I haven’t had the luxury of being shy in my life.”