‘Duck Dynasty’ Fans Are Losing It Over This Video of Jase Robertson Doing His ‘Money Dance’

by Alex Falls

Missy Robertson, wife of Duck Dynasty star Jase Robertson, shared a video on her Instagram of her husband’s new dance moves. Duck Dynasty fans have expressed laughs and confusion over the outdoorsman’s so-called, “Money Dance.”

“@realjaseduckman says he has a new “money dance” and plans to show it off on national tv 🤦🏼‍♀️. Be sure to catch it tomorrow morning in the 7am CST hour of @foxandfriends. #DuckFamilyTreasure #CanYouDigIt,” Robertson wrote on the Instagram post.

Fans took to the comments section to voice their confused entertainment. “Well his money dance may not produce money, but it is spreading joy, thanks for the laugh,” wrote one user. “Wow 😮😂 was that meant for all of us to see? 😂” another wrote. Finally, some fans were inspired by the Duck Man’s move set. “Okay if it works I am learning this dance 😂”

A New Adventure for the Robertsons

Recently, the Robertsons welcomed a newborn baby into their home. The newest addition to their family came as a surprise. Jase took to his own Instagram to express his gratitude for the newest addition to their lives.

The Duck Dynasty stars already have three children on their own. However, they’re all in when it comes to giving this child a new chance at family life. Jaw described the experience of finding this child on an episode of their podcast.

“What an honor to be asked to step in the gap. And show this baby and his mother the unconditional love of our Father,” Jase said. “This mother chose life and sought help from the people who introduced her to Jesus. Please pray for this baby, his mother, and for us during this uncertain time. My wife is a rock star!”

The Robertson Clan Grows Further

The Robertsons recently welcomed yet another family member into the world. Merris Caroway Robertson was born in Nov. last year, and her grandparents shared the occasion with their followers. The newly crowned grandparents were clearly filled with joy.

“This Thanksgiving brought a whole new meaning to gratitude for our family,” Missy tweeted. “Life is always a gift. Sometimes it comes so close to perfection it literally takes your breath away. Merris Carroway Robertson, you have no idea how much love surrounds you. Pa and Lulu are yours forever!”

The Robertson family also recently launched a brand new TV show on Fox Nation. Duck Family Treasure stars the Duck Dynasty family as they shift their efforts from hunting ducks to hunting treasure.