‘Duck Dynasty’ Fans React To Willie Robertson’s New Look

by Joe Rutland

For all of you Duck Dynasty fans, you all have seen Willie Robertson over the years and just know how the guy looks. Would you believe he’s totally changed that look? Yes! Some fans who are reacting think Willie might be going through a midlife crisis. We have an updated look in a picture from Robertson for you to check out. Oh, yeah, he’s got some food, too, yet while it’s getting attention, it’s not as much as Willie’s new do. So, you check it out, and then we’ll get to some fan reaction below.

Were you surprised? Heck, we don’t have any updated photos ourselves. This new look just sprung up, fans. Willie definitely knows how to simply and slyly offer up these photos. Sure, Willie, it’s all about the food to you. But your fans are talking about that new haircut and beard trim.

One fan writes, “The topping on your head gets me the most. blonde boss Hogg! Backstreet Willie 1998 called”. Another fan says, “Looking good! You look 10 years younger!” This fan has his own thoughts about the situation. “Mid life crisis with frosted tips??…I can’t grow any, so I guess I will shut it now…” the person says. Here’s one more for you: “I love your platinum blonde hair. That looks amazing.”

Willie Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Reflected On Fame For Kids

Now that we’ve given some insight into Willie’s new look, let’s let him talk about fame and its effects. Specifically, he’s talking about how tough fame is for his kids. “Most everything that my kids did or are doing, I’ve done,” Robertson told Outsider’s Marty Smith in an episode of The Marty Smith Podcast. “I have experience in that. I went to college, had children, graduated, jobs, all these kinds of things I’ve done. The only thing I hadn’t done that they were in was actually be famous at a young age. I had no experience with that.”

If you keep up with The Masked Singer on Fox, then you know that Willie made an appearance on the show last year. He shared some thoughts about being on the popular show. “I was practicing a lot and singing. And I had music going constantly,” he told Access Hollywood in an interview. Robertson appeared in a Mallard costume, which is quite fitting for his family’s famed moniker, too.

Now, we are going to be watching Willie Robertson closely to see if he goes back to his old-school look. Fans will fall in love with this new Willie but he’s still the same old Robertson that we know and love. Keep your eyes, out, too, on social media and watch him get used to this new look.