‘Duck Dynasty’s Jase & Jep Robertson New Show ‘Duck Family Treasure’ Teaser Released

by Shelby Scott

Several months ago, Duck Dynasty stars Jase Robertson and his brother Jep revealed they would star in a new Robertson family series. Entitled Duck Family Treasure, the show will bring back some of the same humor we saw in the original series. Fans of the Robertsons will get a chance to follow Jase, Jep, and the beloved Uncle Si as they hunt for hidden gems, treasures, and artifacts. See the official teaser for the upcoming series below.

As always, we can expect quite a bit of comedy from the brand new FOX Nation show. The clip, just 15 seconds in length, briefly reintroduces us to Duck Dynasty stars Jase (right) and Jep (left) Robertson. It also promises us that, “This might get weird.”

Sitting in identical white rocking chairs, Jase asks his costar, “How’s it feel to be back Jep?”

“It feels good,” he says, “I missed my brother.”

Reaching over to lay a hand atop Jase’s, the footage gets interrupted. The elder Robertson brother shoos Jep away, insisting, “No touching…It got weird.”

Taking to the comments, the duo’s uncle and costar, Si Robertson, quipped, “I thought I was the one who was supposed to make it weird.”

Simultaneously, longtime “Duck Dynasty” fans shared their excitement for the upcoming series, anxious to find out its air date.

“Oh man oh man I always love to see Duck Dynasty do more shows,” one follower wrote. Another simply commented, “Love you guys.”

Duck Family Treasure premieres on FOX Nation later this month.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Patriarch Phil Robertson To Release New Film

Following their run on Duck Dynasty, Jase and Jep Robertson aren’t the only family members making a return to screens. While we await the premiere of Duck Family Treasure, Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson also has a new project in the works.

Earlier this month, the Shreveport Times reported that Phil Robertson’s upcoming film will function as a movie memoir. Phil Robertson is set to star in the movie, entitled The Blind, which explores the former Duck Dynasty star’s past in the deep South during the 1960s.

In it, we get a closer look at Robertson’s history as a local football celebrity, previously playing for Louisiana Tech in Ruston. However, going into greater depth, we also get a look at Phil’s experiences with alcoholism. And, as a result of those addictive problems, Robertson will also talk about the complicated family dynamics that eventually arose.

As per the outlet, the entire film, to this point, has been filmed in Shreveport and is produced by Tread Lively Entertainment. Tread Lively Entertainment has worked on several other Robertson family projects.

While Ducky Family Dynasty premieres later this month, producers for The Blind have not revealed a release date. However, at the moment, the upcoming movie is expected to drop sometime next year.