‘Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson Opens Up About ‘Joy’ of Welcoming ‘Unexpected Newborn’

by Samantha Whidden

Over the weekend, “Duck Dynasty” star Jase Robertson opened up about the joy of welcoming an “unexpected newborn” in his latest Instagram post. 

“Having an unexpected newborn in the house has reminded me of the meaning of ‘new life’ in Christ,” Jase Robertson wrote. The “Duck Dynasty” album shared that the experience is a new chance to start every single day. “Fresh, clean, and full of hope and purity. New life also brings great joy! We are a joy to our Creator. We are His Treasure.”

Jase Robertson and his wife Missy Robertson welcomed a newborn baby boy in March 2022. The “Duck Dynasty” castmate shared on Instagram at the time, “If you listened to my ‘Unashamed’ podcast today (episode 435), you heard me and [Missy Robertson] talk about our newest venture. Missy was literally explaining to multiple media outlets about the unconditional love outlined in her new children’s book when she got a call that a newborn had suddenly been left in our care.”

Jase Robertson also declared that he and Missy felt like the baby fell right out of the sky. And Missy was there to catch him. “What an honor to be asked to step in the gap. And show this baby and his mother the unconditional love of our Father,” the “Duck Dynasty” alum shared. “This mother chose life and sought help from the people who introduced her to Jesus. Please pray for this baby, his mother, and for us during this uncertain time. My wife is a rock star!”

“Duck Dynasty” stars Jase and Missy Robertson already have three children other own. 

Jase and the Rest of the Robertson Family Discussed How ‘Duck Dynasty’ Changed Their Lives 

While speaking to KSLA 12 in 2012, Jase and the rest of the Roberston clan revealed how their hit reality series “Duck Dynasty” actually changed their lives. Willie Robertson, Jase’s brother, shared at the time, “I’m definitely more recognized now. It’s hard to get around but it’s fun. We had high expectations of season two, as did the network, but really when it first aired was when we were crossing our fingers and saying I hope people like this.”

Korie Robertson, Willie’s wife, also shared that her and her family’s lives have to be more planned out than they used to be. “We can’t just spontaneously go somewhere. Every day is accounted for.”

Jase Robertson further explained that fans having their favorite lines and different characters are a reflection of the show because he and his family are all different. “Even though most of us are family, we have completely different personalities. That’s why the show works.”