‘Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson Posts Pic From Hospital Ahead of Daughter Mia’s Potential ‘Last Cleft-Related Surgery’

by Emily Morgan

“Duck Dynasty” alum Jase Robertson and his wife, Missy, are praying for his daughter’s swift recovery as she goes in for her 14th surgery at the International Craniofacial Institute in Dallas, Texas.

On Friday, the A&E reality TV star took to Instagram to post about his daughter, Mia’s, upcoming procedure, which he hopes will be her final cleft lip and palate surgery. 

He wrote: “@miarobertson1 was just wheeled away for what we are anticipating is her last cleft-related surgery. Surgeon says it will take him 3 hours and his goal is to never see her in this setting again. We pray he is correct. Thanks for always loving our girl!”

Alongside the caption, he included a pic of the duck-calling family, wearing masks inside a hospital room as they get ready to say goodbye to their 18-year-old daughter as she goes under the knife.

After Robertson posted the snap, many “Duck Dynasty” fans took time out of their day to wish the family well. “Praying for Mia,” wrote someone with a heart and prayer hands emoji. Someone else sweetly penned, “Sending love and prayers to your beautiful girl, may God Bless the drs and nurses with the knowledge they need. And of course prayers for Mom and Dad while you walk down this road with her.”

As mentioned earlier, this is Mia’s 14th surgery for her cleft. Her last surgery came in March of 2021, when she traveled from Louisiana to the same hospital in Texas, to have the procedure. 

“Ahhh surgery 13,” Mia began the post at the time. “Hiii! surgery isn’t the most fun but with such amazing family and friends it’s hard not to feel loved hard to believe surgeries are over but so thankful for the journey thanks for the prayers!!!” 

‘Duck Dynasty’ family gets ready to say goodbye to daughter as she leaves for college

Much like the recent post from her dad, Mia’s also included a sentimental snap of Mia and her parents before hospital staff wheeled her back to the operating room. She also included a pic of herself chatting with loved ones via zoom before doctors put her to sleep. 

The young college student was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. This rare condition happens when a child’s facial features do not develop entirely during pregnancy. 

Because of the condition, the “Duck Dynasty” star sadly spent many years in surgery. She had her first at just three months old. Since then, she’s gone under the knife for several operations and other procedures. 

Despite her health problems, Mia is making the most out of life and is due to start college soon. 

“Sitting in college orientation last week, a professor started her speech on releasing the grasp on our children and allowing them to start the process of independence,” Missy penned about her daughter’s upcoming college experience. “Mia and I both giggled quietly to each other. The high school years are challenging to every teen, and to those born with a special physical challenge, they can be especially difficult.”

The “Duck Dynasty” alum intends to head to Nashville this Fall to study biology at Lipscomb University on an academic scholarship.