‘Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson Reveals He Sent ‘Scathing’ Email to Show’s Producers

by Samantha Whidden

More than a decade after “Duck Dynasty” first premiered, Jase Robertson recalled one time when he had to put his foot down with producers. 

While reflecting on his family’s hit series with his dad, Phil, on the “Unashamed” podcast, Jase Robertson shared that he had to send an email to producers about the production using “blips” to make the audience think the family was using curse words. One particular time was when his sister-in-law was supposedly cussing multiple times while the cameras were on her.

“I’ve known Korie since she was a little kid,” Robertson stated in an Instagram post. “So let’s set the record straight: I’ve never heard her say a cuss word. Not on ‘Duck Dynasty’ or anywhere else. When we found out the show made it look like she did, I sent this scathing email…”

In the email, Jase Robertson said he asked the higher-ups exactly what they were doing. “Somebody in the editing room has blipped stuff that didn’t need to be blipped. Because whatever she said… And so the response that I got back was, ‘Those were inserted for dramatic purposes. Thank you, have a nice day.’”

Jase Robertson then reflected on the statement from the producers. “I thought, ‘Oh, they did that… they did that on purpose,’” he said. Phil then kept repeating “for dramatic purposes.”

“It’s all about drama when they start using blips,” Phil continued. Jase went on to add that the producers ended up running the episode and they later fixed the blips. He then joked about going to his brother’s house with a bar of soap after the blipping incident with Korie.

Jase Robertson Says His Family Did Not Do ‘Duck Dynasty’ For ‘Fame and Fortune’

While speaking to Game and Fish Magazine in 2016, Jase Robertson opened up about the reason behind he and his family signing up to do “Duck Dynasty.”

“I think the key is that we’re not doing this for fame and fortune,” Jase Robertson explained. “We are people of faith and we have our priorities. People just think it’s cliché, but we’ve said that our priorities are God, family, and ducks. That’s just the way it is. Really for us, it’s a family show that we enjoy doing together.”

Jase Robertson goes on to say that he has a lot of “crazy characters” in his family with different personalities. “And it makes for good TV because that dynamic is funny. We pick at each other, we have fun, and I think that’s what’s appealing. We’re really a family who happens to duck hunt.”

Jase Robertson then added that people ask about how he and his brother ended up with beautiful wives. “It’s amazing with all this social media, Facebook and Twitter, you hear people say, ‘Oh these women married these guys for their money,’ because we’re successful now, but what they don’t realize is that when they met us, we didn’t have any money.”