‘Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson Slams All the Technology in Schools

by Samantha Whidden

During a recent discussion on his “Unashamed” podcast, “Duck Dynasty” star Jase Robertson spoke out about the technology that is currently in schools. 

Jase Robertson declared in a post, which featured his podcast’s discussion, what really is going on in schools. “What’s the problem with schools? Even with all the technology in the world, there’s still no God and still no moral compass,” Robertson wrote. The caption in the video also reads, “This is why all the technology in the world won’t fix the problem with schools.”

Sharing their thoughts on the topic, Jase Robertson’s Instagram followers agreed with him about what’s happening in schools. One follower wrote, “Amen!!!! I am a teacher [and] wish my whole heart we could talk more Jesus. Now there are ways to do [that] without breaking the law! I pray all day everyday! I pray for my students!”

Another follower of Jase Robertson spoke about the real “issue” that’s in schools. “This is why I homeschool my kids. Too much indoctrination and agendas. I use Christian based curriculums that [bring] scripture into every subject. I don’t think I’ll ever send my kids back to public schools again. The best thing is that anyone can do it any way they want.”

Jase Robertson’s Father Previously Suggested Bible In Schools Would Prevent School Shootings 

UPI reported in 2014 that Jase Robertson’s father and fellow “Duck Dynasty” star Phil stated that bibles in schools would prevent school shootings. 

While speaking at a Republican Leadership Conference, Jase Robertson’s father declared, “GOP, you can’t be right for America if you’re wrong with God. You want the Republican Party around? Get Godly.”

The “Duck Dynasty” star further quoted John Adams about his separation of church and state argument. “[It] is religion and morality alone which can establish the principles on which freedom can securely stand… You lose your religion, you lose your morality, and you lose your freedom.”

Robertson was then quoted as saying education is “useless” without the Bible. He also said that potential school shooters would be “deterred” if they were taught to love their neighbor. He then touched on racism and what causes it. “There is one race on this planet it’s called the human race. Therefore you have no right to color-code anyone. No one we’re all of the same family… The color of your skin does not determine the character of your person.”

The Washington Post previously revealed that Jase Robertson’s father was a teacher at one point. However, he gave up teaching and began fishing so he could earn money to start his business. He was told by others he was crazy for doing such a thing.