‘Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson Talks Finding Historic Riches in New Show ‘Duck Family Treasure’

by Samantha Whidden

While promoting “Duck Family Treasure,” “Duck Dynasty” star Jase Robertson talks about finding historical treasure while filming the new series. 

While speaking to Fox News over the weekend, the “Duck Dynasty” star stated that he and his brother Jep discovered a half dime from 1857. They also found a seated liberty half dollar from 1877. Jase further revealed that he also found a vintage tag from Dr. Bell’s Pine-Tar-Honey. This was part of a holistic approach to treating various medical ailments in the late 1800s. 

The “Duck Dynasty” castmate shares, “Finds like this may not be worth hundreds of dollars like the coins I found, but what you’re getting is a window into life 150 years ago, and you’re it holding your hand. It’s not a cannon filled with gold, but we love it.”

When asked what it was like to be back on TV again, Jase stated, “it’s good to be back. We have a lot of people that supported us, and they liked watching us… The crowd spoke and we said, ‘Ok, let’s do it.’”

The “Duck Dynasty” brothers said they created the series after reading a Bible verse that references hidden treasure. Jase said, “I actually did get the idea from reading my Bible because there’s a lot in the bible about finding treasure, and it causing great joy. And I thought if it’s in the Bible, and it’s talking about having fun, I need to try this and guess what, it was right.

They are starring in the series alongside their Uncle Si and treasure hunting expert Murry Crowe. The new series’ description reads, “With the help of their quick-witted Uncle Si and expert treasure hunter, Murry Crowe, Jase, and Jep are ready to uncover some incredible historical riches.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Jase Robertson Pokes Fun at His Brother Struggling With Treasure Finding 

Meanwhile, “Duck Dynasty” star Jase Robertson jokingly recalled how his brother Jep struggle with their new treasure-finding hobby. 

“The best story about Jep treasure hunting is the first story,” Jase explained. “He showed up, he had no gear, he had sandals on. I let him borrow my boots ‘cuz that’s the only other pair of shoes that we had. And I said ‘hold the metal detector away from you when you’re looking’ because they were steel-toe boots. He spent the first two hours of the hunt, digging up his own feet.”

“Duck Family Treasure” 2-5 episodes are now streaming on Fox Nation. The new series makes its debut five years after “Duck Dynasty” wrapped up. The former series ran from 2012 to 2017 and featured the entire Robertson clan. Jase is producing “Duck Family Treasure” alongside Warm Springs Productions. The Robertson’s Tread Lively Entertainment with Korie Robertson and Zach Dasher serves as Executive Producers as well.