‘Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Addresses People ‘Upset’ With European Vacation

by Emily Morgan

“Duck Dynasty” alum Korie Robertson is opening up after some criticized the TV personality for taking a vacation to Norway.

After posting a string of pics of the family traveling in Norway, some of her followers called out Robertson for her privilege. “Most of us are having to cut back on things like travel to focus on having money for gas and groceries,” one irritated user wrote. Someone else shared a similar sentiment: “Wish we had your budget and could afford it!”

After receiving the negative comments, the mom of six returned to Instagram to reflect on the controversy.

“Seeing a few people upset with my post from earlier,” she began the post on Tuesday. “It’s not the first time I’ve gotten negative comments, of course. Usually they don’t bother me, people disagree, not everyone is going to like you…but this time it’s been bothering me. I don’t ever want to make anyone feel in anyway less than because of something I post or write.”

She also added that she knows that “people are hurting right now.” and that it’s a financially tough time, meaning “not everyone has the means to travel.”

The users’ frustrations with Robertson may have some validity. As many Americans know, inflation has gotten many people down on their luck, as many struggle to pay for simple necessities such as gas and groceries and opt for stay-cations instead of cross-country trips. In May, inflation jumped up to 8.6% in May per Bloomberg and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon.

She continued opening up about her viewpoint on travel, writing, “When our kids were little we couldn’t afford to travel the world with them, but we did things to try to help them “see” the world even at home.”

Korie Robertson defends stance on travel, continues enjoying Norway with family

After posting, it seemed like her followers understood her viewpoint, with many commending Robertson for opening up about her outlook on travel.

While the home base for the Robertson family is Louisiana, the family is currently taking a summer vacation in Norway. As a result, Robertson is spending some quality time with her daughters, Sadie, Bella, and Rebecca, her granddaughter, Honey, and the girls’ husbands.

Over the last couple of days, Robertson has posted a slew of images to commemorate the trip. She also wrote a heartfelt caption describing her love of having new experiences and taking time away from “daily tasks.”

“When you step outside your norm, your routine, it forces you to open your eyes to the world,” she began a recent post. “To the beauty, to the things that are the same, and the things that are different. To learn, to grow, to gain an appreciation for what you have at home, and find the ways in which you can do better.”

“When you look up from your phone, away from your tv, your computer, your daily tasks, you see a world of stunning beauty. You listen to the birds and the wind in the trees,” she continued. “You see the faces of people who, just like you, are trying to find the best way to live this life.”