‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Shares Hysterical Photos From Daughter Sadie’s Karaoke Party

by Leanne Stahulak

You can’t say that “Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson and her family don’t know how to have a good time. Just look at their latest shindig.

Korie and her husband, Willie Robertson, dressed up in matching costumes for a spectacular karaoke party thrown in honor of their daughter Sadie Robertson. Sadie’s birthday was on June 11, and it looks like they pushed her party back to this weekend to celebrate. It also happened to be around the time of Sadie’s husband, Christian Huff’s, birthday.

For the party, however, every single member of the Robertson family seemed to dress up as a legendary musician. “Duck Dynasty” stars Korie and Willie dressed up as Eminem. Their son John Luke traded in his beard for a Freddie Mercury mustache, while their other son Will nailed an afro and stache look like a rock star from the 70s.

The birthday girl, Sadie, wore a glittery dress and Tina Turner-esque wig. And the birthday boy, her husband Christian Huff, made several outfit changes throughout the night. Korie’s mom, Chrys Howard, rocked a country star look while Bella Mayo, Korie’s youngest daughter, channeled “Redneck Woman” energy.

In her caption, the “Duck Dynasty” star wrote, “Will the real slim shady please stand up? Karaoke party tonight to celebrate 2 of our faves, [Sadie] and [Christian]. And, of course, we fully committed…yes, Willie bleached his hair and dyed his beard (he totally surprised me).”

Korie Robertson added, “[John Luke] and [Will] shaved their beards to leave mustaches, Christian had 3 costume changes, [Sadie] rocked one of her costumes from [Dancing With The Stars] and danced like Tina Turner. [Bella Mayo] sang Redneck Woman with Honey on her hip…This fam goes big or goes home, and I love it.”

The Robertson Family Sent Many Birthday Wishes to ‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson

While they celebrated Sadie Robertson’s birthday this past weekend, many “Duck Dynasty” stars sent her birthday wishes on the day itself.

Her husband, Christian Huff, kicked things off with a sweet slideshow of photos of them together. “1/4 of a century down and crushing the game,” Huff began in his caption. “Sadie, you’re the best wife, mom, leader, and friend I’ve ever known. You celebrate your family so well and your loyalty to those around you is unmatched! You make me a better man and I’m grateful to be alongside ya! I love everything about who you are and can’t wait to keep doing life with you. Cheers to 25 sporty spice.”

Then, Sadie’s dad, Willie Robertson, posted the cutest throwback of them when Sadie was a little kid. “25 years of smiles! Happy birthday @legitsadierob One of the real rocks in the family. We love you and are proud of you!! Have the best day.”

And finally, Sadie’s mom Korie posted a long, heartfelt dedication to her daughter along with a slideshow of photos. You can check it out in the post below.