‘Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Posts Series of Family Vacation Pics From Copenhagen

by Joe Rutland

Korie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame is safely back home after a fantastic family vacation to the lovely city of Copenhagen. Yet she definitely was not alone on this trip. If you know about the Robertsons, then they are a pretty tight-knit group of people. They love to hang around with one another. Vacation time is included in there. Well, Korie hit up her Instagram family and shared some sweet pictures and a video. These come from her trip and show that she was not the only one enjoying a good time. In fact, Sadie Robertson Huff, her husband Christian Huff, and baby Honey even were along for the festivities.

Korie Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Mentions Key Points Of Her Trip

Sunday morning, Korie of Duck Dynasty shares this post on Instagram with the photos. “Happily back home and about to head to church, but had to document Copenhagen here…We loved this place so much!!” she writes. “The sun sets at 11:30 pm and rises at 3:30 am this time of year so we had the most beautiful loonngg days and we did it all…”

In the post, she mentions “breakfast and dinner with friends, a boat ride on the canals, tattoos all around, castle tours, saw some of Christian’s long lost relatives, Tivoli Gardens (twice), rode the rides, saw the introduction of the teams for the Tour de France (so cool) lost my phone (which is why I’m just now posting, lol) lots of walking, delicious food, beautiful museums, great coffee, all with some of my favorite people, Honey, did it all, and was so much fun to be with!” She calls Honey “The best little traveler!!” But Korie admits that she’s ready to “celebrate our country and it’s Independence Day! Y’all know I love to travel, but there’s no place like home”.

Fans Not Happy About Korie Traveling At This Time

One fan writes, “What a great trip!!! Love all the photos.” Well, they are all back home safe and sound. Plus, as Korie said, she was headed to church on Sunday morning which is one way to start off your Sunday. And yes, in case you did not know, Korie is married to Willie Robertson.

Meanwhile, she cannot please everyone and some people were upset over the Duck Dynasty star going on a European vacation. Korie kindly responds to the criticism. “Usually they don’t bother me, people disagree, not everyone is going to like you…but this time it’s been bothering me,” she wrote. “I don’t ever want to make anyone feel in anyway less than because of something I post or write.”