‘Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Reflects on ‘New Chapters’ in Her Family’s Life

by Samantha Whidden

On Friday (July 22nd), “Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson took to her Instagram to reflect on “new chapters” in her family’s life. 

In the sweet post, which features a snapshot of her and her son Will Robertson, Korie Robertson declared that the current “season of life” is full of new adventures. “Now that I have a few more years behind me, it seems like the end of your teens and early 20’s are full of really short chapters,” Robertson explained. “New school, new semester, new city, new roommate, new job, new city, perhaps marriage, another move, maybe kids… All of this happens in a relatively short period of your life. It’s kind of crazy actually!”

Korie Robertson spoke about watching her children experience the chapters of their lives right now. “I know though in the moment it doesn’t always feel this way. When you’re in the middle of it, it can feel long, never-ending even, the unknowing of what’s next, the uncertainty of the length of this chapter before you ‘get to’ move on to the next can be unsettling.”

However, despite the uncertainty, Korie Robertson offered some advice for all her Instagram followers. The first piece of advice is to lay all the worries, fears, and questions at God’s feet. “Worrying doesn’t add a thing to your life. He is the one who has numbered your days, and HIS WAYS ways are so much better than ours! has numbered your days, and HIS WAYS ways are so much better than yours!

Korie Robertson then said to be present where her followers are and to be grateful for that moment. “In whatever stage you find yourself, God is there. He will never leave you, and you certainly aren’t going to miss him…He’s everywhere, and He promises to be with you!”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Encourages Her Social Media Followers to Continue to Trust in God 

Meanwhile, “Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson continues to reflect on the importance of having God in life during the latest milestones in her family. 

“Trusting in Him, one day you will look back and see all of what you thought were detours,” Korie Robertson explained. “All of the chapters that were a struggle, that seemed long and full of the hard, were actually guidance, growth, learning, protection, maybe even gifts.”

Korie Robertson went on to add that she’s watching her children follow her advice and calls it all the “greatest blessing” for her. 

The “Duck Dynasty” star’s reflection on her family’s life changes comes just a few weeks after she revealed her new tattoo. She explained the meaning behind the ink, which had to do with Jeremiah 5:22. “This tattoo is symbolic of a wave crashing into the shore and the boundary line that God created with the sand.”