‘Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Reveals Meaning of New Tattoo

by Blake Ells

Duck Dynasty alum Korie Robertson has a brand new tattoo. At a glance, it doesn’t appear to be much more than a squiggly line on her right forearm. But in a new Instagram post, she reveals that there is a lot of depth to that squiggly line.

Korie Robertson captioned the post: “Lots of questions about our new tattoos so thought I’d share the meaning behind mine. Several years ago we were at the beach, I had committed to reading through the entire Bible that year. Which I know some of you may do every year but I realized I hadn’t really dug in and read God’s word the whole way through in way too long.”

She continued: “I started with the New Testament, which I tend to like better so I got the ball rolling there, ha, then was working my way through the Old Testament….Anyway, I was in Jeremiah sitting on my balcony overlooking the ocean. I was going through a difficult time personally, struggling with some hurt and unanswered prayers, and I came across these words in Jeremiah 5:22.”

“‘Should you not fear me?’ declares the Lord. ‘Should you not tremble in my presence? I made the sand a boundary for the sea, an everlasting barrier it cannot cross. The waves may roll, but they cannot prevail; they may roar but they cannot cross it. Jeremiah 5:22”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Only Fears the Lord

Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson continued her explanation of what she depicted on her forearm in ink. It’s a tribute to her fear of the Lord.

“In this part of scripture, God was actually admonishing his people; He had done so much for them and still they had turned their backs on him, were living in ways counter to his ways, following after evil, living unrepentant lives, chasing after all the wrong things, forgetting to care for the things and people close to God’s heart, even worshipping other gods. And God has something to say about that; like a good parent, He cared enough to remind them of what is true! In the midst of a good “talking to” from the Creator of the Universe, they needed to be reminded of His power, His strength, His goodness, just like I did on this day,” she continued.

“I’ve always told our kids, ‘If you fear anything other than God you are giving it too much power.’ So this tattoo is symbolic of a wave crashing into a shore and the boundary line that God created with the sand. Sand, these teeny tiny particles that together God uses to stop a giant, potentially destructive wave. ‘THE WAVES MAY ROLL BUT THEY CANNOT PREVAIL; THEY MAY ROAR BUT THEY CANNOT CROSS IT.’ That is the God I serve and the only thing worthy of my fear and respect.”