‘Duck Dynasty’ Stars Korie Robertson Shares Snaps From San Diego Vacation With Willie

by Samantha Whidden

While enjoying a much-needed beautiful day in San Diego, “Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson shared some snapshots of her and her husband Willie Robertson at the beach. 

“San Diego Us,” the “Duck Dynasty” star wrote in the social media post’s caption. Robertson also shared some snaps of the duo enjoying other parts of their trip, including walking around the boardwalk and eating dinner. 

The “Duck Dynasty” castmate recently wrote about the impromptu date night she had with Willie. Although they were needing a romantic evening out together, due to busy schedules, they had to prioritize in order to make everything happen. “Willie and I hadn’t planned a date for last night,” Korie explained. “BUT yesterday I randomly got a text from our favorite local restaurant saying I had a reservation for a table for 2 and to reply 1 to confirm.”

Robertson noted that she thought her husband had made the reservation as a surprise. However, it ended up not being him or their children. “I asked Willie if he wanted to go on a date and quickly texted 1 to confirm. When we showed up they had a table for us as if we had actually made the reservation,” she continued. The couple went on to have four appetizers and shared a main course. 

Korie went on to add, “It did not disappoint!! It was everything I had hoped it would be, ha! Apparently, God (or the phone reservation system at this restaurant, ha) knew that we needed a date.”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Korie Robertson Talks Raising Biological and Adopted Children 

While speaking to Jennie Allen in 2020, “Duck Dynasty” star Korie Robertson opened up about raising both biological and adopted children. Every kid is going to come out different, whether you have biological children or adopted children. God made them unique and different. I wish I would have known this when they were younger.”

Robertson further explained that God created children to be who they are, with their unique and original personalities. “It’s part of our job to protect that and help them grow into who God made them to be.All these outside influences can come in and stop that and prevent that because of fear, security, shame, or just different things that come into their life.”

Robertson then stated that she and her husband tried to be open to discussing all of their children’s problems. “We try to be open and honest, and if they told me something that was kind of alarming, I tried not to react. Just try to keep the face and talk through it. I remember hearing, and I read a lot of parenting books about how to raise kids well, and I remember someone saying, ‘you have to romance your kids, because you want them to love you and like you, because that is the first step to loving and liking God.’”