‘Duck Dynasty’s Korie Robertson Tells Funny Story About Impromptu Date Night With Willie

by Taylor Cunningham

Duck Dynasty duo Willie and Korie Robertson had an impromptu date night yesterday. And it came with either a little help from the man upstairs or a technology glitch. But either way, Korie was glad to have it.

This morning, the reality TV star took to Instagram to share a funny story with fans. Apparently, she and her husband of 20 years had needed a romantic evening out for some time now. But thanks to a busy schedule, they hadn’t prioritized making it happen.

However, a mysterious text ended up changing their plans. And by night’s end, they had a perfect night out on the town.

“@realwilliebosshog and I hadn’t planned a date for last night,” she began. “BUT yesterday I randomly got a text from our favorite local restaurant saying I had a reservation for a table for 2 and to reply 1 to confirm.”

A Reservation Mistake Turned into A Night Out for Our Favorite ‘Duck Dynasty’ Couple

Korie thought that Willie must have made the reservation as a surprise, but she was wrong. So they assumed one of their kids had made one for themselves, and the text somehow went to Korie’s phone. But after calling all six of their children, they still didn’t have an answer. Not one of them made plans that night.

So, she decided to turn the mistake into a gift and spend some quality time with her husband.

“I asked Willie if he wanted to go on a date and quickly texted 1 to confirm. When we showed up they had a table for us as if we had actually made the reservation,” she continued.

The Duck Dynasty star went on to write that she and Willie sat over the table for hours while enjoying four appetizers and a shared main course. Then the couple realized that they didn’t want the night to end. So afterward, they headed to the movie theater to see the new Top Gun.

“It did not disappoint!! It was everything I had hoped it would be, ha!” she continued. “Apparently, God (or the phone reservation system at this restaurant, ha) knew that we needed a date.”

As Korie concluded, the moral of the story is, “if you need a date night, you might not receive a random reservation confirmation text. But this is your prompting to go for it! Go out to dinner and actually go to a movie theatre, (something we hadn’t done in a really long time) and enjoy some time together (and don’t forget to get popcorn and some goobers!)”