‘Duck Dynasty’s Miss Kay Robertson Remembers When Phil’s Long-Lost Daughter ‘Came Into Our Lives’

by Shelby Scott

Following their time on “Duck Dynasty,” fans became very familiar with Phil and Miss Kay Robertson’s sons, Willie, Jase, Jep, and Alan. Across 11 seasons of the reality TV show, we learned what the couple’s relationship was like with each of their children. We also learned just how much they valued family. However, following the show’s conclusion, the “Duck Dynasty” patriarch learned he actually had five children. Several years ago, Robertson met his long-lost daughter Phyllis, born out of an affair he’d had in the ’70s, and now, his wife Miss Kay is reminiscing on the moment she first came into their lives.

Miss Kay kicked off her emotional post, revealing, “When Phyllis came into our lives, the last thing she wanted to do was cause me any pain.”

As a mom of four boys, she continued, “Phyllis Robertson Thomas is the daughter I always prayed for. I’m grateful for every day we get to spend with her. When we first met, it hurt her to think her presence might her me.”

In contrast, Robertson explained, “she was never a painful reminder of those days when Phil ran wild. Instead, Phyllis is a beautiful reminder of what God can do in our lives.”

The TV star further encouraged her followers to embrace their faith and tell their stories. Fans took to the comments to express their love for the “Duck Dynasty” star and share their own faith in God.

“You’re a perfect example of what it looks like to follow Jesus,” one follower said. “The Faith & Love glows on you Miss Kay!”

“You are a wonderful wife and gracious woman Miss Kay,” another gushed.

Phyllis Robertson is speaking about her story and her journey to her newfound family in a new book called Sister Roar.

‘Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Shares His Experience as a Father

Phil and Miss Kay Robertson welcomed their fifth child Phyllis into their large family with arms wide open. But, with four sons on top of their newfound daughter, the “Duck Dynasty” star and longtime dad is speaking out about what it’s like to be a father. He also shared the lessons he believed most important as his children grew.

“As I grew into my role as a father,” Phil Robertson said, “I wanted to teach my boys about the fruit of a virtuous life.”

He explained, “I wanted them to develop good character so they might walk in the blessings of the Almighty. So I did what any other godly river rat with a commercial fishing license might do. I put my boys to work.”

In speaking about the lessons he taught his sons, Robertson continued, “I taught them to work hard and save their money. I taught them to live moral lives.”

However, most importantly, the “Duck Dynasty” dad said, “I taught them to be kind and respectful to others too.”