‘Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson Says ‘Thank You, Lord for America’ in Powerful July 4th Post

by Alex Falls

Duck Dynasty star Missy Robertson loves being an American. She was in the nation’s capital to celebrate the holiday and she marked the occasion on her Instagram with a heartfelt statement.

“I love these steps! I was first introduced to them when I was 12 years old on a summer vacation with my family. My parents drove us here from Louisiana in their mini-motorhome and we stayed in a campground for a week. We packed lunches, and besides the occasional subway ride, we walked EVERYWHERE! Since that week, I vowed to bring my own children here some day so they could appreciate what I learned as a pre-teen.”

From the steps of the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, Missy reflected on her upbringing and the views instilled in her by her famous family.

“I was taught in my home, my church and in my school that every person was equal. That we should be kind and considerate of everyone no matter how different they looked from me. I learned of the emancipation proclamation and of the man who spoke those words and united our country in the most divisible time in history. And I learned to admire Abraham Lincoln and his stance for equality from an early age. His courage for truth cost him his life but it gave us all our right to equal freedom, no matter the color of our skin.”

Missy Robertson Reflects on What America Means to Her

No matter how long it’s been since last Missy visited Washington DC, when she returns she’s instantly reminded of the values America has stood for since the very first Independence Day. Regardless of our backgrounds or affiliations, she believes we’re all Americans who should appreciate where our freedoms came from.

“I’ve been here a few times since 1983, and I treasure each visit. I’m in awe of all the buildings and monuments, but this is my favorite view. People from every background, every economic status, every skin color, every ethnicity enjoying their freedom. Children sliding on the marble sides, the young assisting the old up the steps (one at a time) and others waiting patiently, moms taking pics of their children, dads being teary-eyed while reading the speech to their sons and daughters, and so many just sitting on the steps in awe of the view of monuments and beauty before them.”

She concluded her touching statement on what it means to her to be an American. Standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial overlooking the stunning views of our nation’s capital, she reflects what it means to her to be an American citizen.

Everyone is represented here because every American citizen is free here. Thank you, Lord, for America! May you continue to bless us all!