‘Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson Sets Record Straight on Accusations of ‘Marrying Our Men for Their Money’

by Samantha Whidden

On Monday (June 20th), “Duck Dynasty” star Missy Robertson took to her Instagram to address the speculation about her and other Robertson wives marrying their husbands for their money. 

In the post, Missy says that when “Duck Dynasty” first premiered, she and the other Robertson wives were accused of marrying “their men” for money. “Let me just say for the record: the only gold Jase Robertson ever had was a gold-colored 80’s Chevy,” Missy explains. “Which I loved! But only because it had a bench seat, so I would slide over close to him while he drove.”

The “Duck Dynasty” star further shared that some of her and Jase’s money when they were first married went towards helping Kay and Phil pay their bills. “‘Gold’ is in the eyes of the beholder, so maybe I did hit it big,” she added. 

Missy and Jase Robertson have been married since 1990. The “Duck Dynasty” couple live in West Monroe, Louisiana with their three children, Reed, Cole, and Mia. 

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Missy Robertson Talks About Taking in a Newborn Baby Boy Earlier This Year

Along with their growing family, “Duck Dynasty” stars Missy and Jase Robertson are now caring for a baby boy after the little one’s mother needed assistance. 

While speaking to CBN News, Missy Robertson shared, “The hospital got a hold of me and said that this girl had given birth to a baby, was not in a place where she could physically take care of the baby and she asked the hospital to call me. And then she signed the baby over to me.”

While speaking about her initial reaction to taking on the responsibilities of caring for the infant. “When my phone rang and I talked to the person at the hospital I thought, ‘There’s no way I can. How can I do this?’”

Although she thought Jase would agree that caring for the child was an “insurmountable” task, the “Duck Dynasty” star said the actual opposite. “He said, ‘I think we should do everything we can to help this baby and this mother’. And I said, ‘OK, well, here we go,’ and we brought him home the next day.”

Along with talking about the baby boy, Missy opened up about her new “Because You’re My Family” children’s book. “The book talks about parents loving a child, but the last [few] weeks the Lord has probed me more to even think about it being outside the family — the family of God. And this girl, Jase baptized her a couple of years ago and Phil preached the Gospel to her, read Scriptures to her in his living room and I tried to show Jesus to her on almost a daily basis.”