‘Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson Speaks Out About Welcoming Baby With ‘All Odds’ Against Him Into Her Family

by Caitlin Berard

Duck Dynasty stars Missy and Jase Robertson are the proud parents of three children, all of whom are now adults. Reed and Cole are busy establishing themselves in their careers and Mia just graduated high school and will attend Lipscomb University in Nashville in the fall.

Before empty nest syndrome could set in, however, they were surprised with a fourth child. Earlier this year, Jase and Missy were contacted by a new mother unable to care for her son. Without hesitation, the couple took the baby in and have cared for him as part of the family ever since.

In a recent Instagram post, Missy Robertson celebrated her young son’s life. In the picture, Missy, Jase, and the baby all sport sunglasses while smiling on a vacation in New York City. “Our family has been blessed with the opportunity to help a mother who chose LIFE for her baby beyond any reasonable set of circumstances,” she wrote in the caption.

“With all odds (EVERY SINGLE ONE) against him, this little blessing is being well-fed (we’ve had to scour shelves for formula and hunt it down!), clothed (there are some super-cute things out there!), and kissed on and snuggled close just as if he was our own blood,” she continued. “This beautiful boy is destined to know his Creator and fulfill his purpose.”

“We don’t know what his future holds, but we are grateful he was given that chance. We also encourage those who can to choose to support a baby and/or a mama in need. Every life is precious!”

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Missy Robertson Opens Up About Their New Family Member

Years ago, Jase and Missy Robertson met a young woman struggling with drug addiction, and had such a positive impact on her that when she gave birth to a son in jail, she signed him over to Missy. And though the mother of three was surprised by the news, she immediately went to Jase to discuss their options.

Following the couple’s decision to adopt the baby, Missy Robertson opened up about the life-changing experience on Instagram. “What words could I possibly write to adequately describe taking in a tiny newborn life into our home when we didn’t even know he existed?” she wrote.

“In the middle of a national book tour, filming a new tv series (more on that later), and traveling back and forth to spend time with our first grand-baby who is also a newborn, [Jase Robertson] and I decided this little nugget’s life was too important for us to look the other way.”

“To be clear, we had to juggle and sacrifice a few things,” the Duck Dynasty star continued. “And I’ve missed my time with my sweet grand-girl Merris (I’ve cried a few tears). But we feel like the Lord is using us in a way we have never been called to before now.”