‘Duck Dynasty’s Missy Robertson Speaks Out Ahead of Daughter Mia’s Potential Final Surgery

by Taylor Cunningham

Duck Dynasty alum Missy Robertson is asking for prayers and “success” ahead of her daughter Mia’s major surgery.

Mia will undergo surgery for her bilateral cleft lip and palate today (July 8). Throughout her life, she has had numerous surgeries—and they started when she was just an infant. Because of that, fans have been wondering if the 18-year-old will have to continue treatments for years to come.

Yesterday, her mother addressed those questions on Twitter with some hopeful news. The reality TV star’s surgery may be her last. And the entire Duck Dynasty family is praying hard to make sure it is. However, there is no way to know for certain that she’s in the clear until she’s recovered and doctors can see that everything has healed properly.

“People ask me, ‘How many more surgeries does Mia have left?’ The answer is always, ‘We just don’t know.’ HOWEVER, this may, possibly, likely, has a good chance to, could be…the last one!” she wrote alongside a beachside snapshot of herself with Mia. “Please pray for success and safety. Her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning at 7:30 am.”

The ‘Duck Dynasty’ Alum Will Head to Lipscomb University This Fall

Mia’s surgery comes shortly after her family announced that she graduated high school this past spring with accolades. And in the fall, she’s headed to Lipscomb University in Nashville on an academic scholarship. Mia plans to major in biology.

“I’m not sure I’ve met a more independent 18-year-old,” Missy Robertson wrote in an Instagram post to celebrate the feat. “The rear-view mirror may have a few smudges, maybe even a crack or two, but we are looking ahead. We are looking through a brand new windshield with the Lord driving her straight into her future. (I believe we can all say that about ourselves.) Her dad and I are so very proud of the woman she has become!”