‘Duck Dynasty’: Phil Robertson Explains Uncle Si’s ‘Wisdom’

by Samantha Whidden

Following the premiere of “Duck Family Treasure,” “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson explains his brother Si Robertson’s “wisdom” about life. 

During a recent discussion on his podcast, Phil Robertson spoke about his brother, who is commonly known as Uncle Si. He shared the clip on his Instagram account. “I was shocked by what those ‘Duck Dynasty’ people said about my brother Si,” Robertson captioned the post. “But I do know this: There’s no one like him.”

In the podcast discussion, Phil Robertson stated, “At some point, some of the people during the ‘Duck Dynasty’ episodes, they sat down with me one day and they said, ‘What do you think about a guy who will come right up to the line… But before he makes a complete fool out of himself, he will shut his mouth? Before he makes himself look like a complete fool, a complete idiot. And he holds the line. He won’t step across and do that. What do you think about a guy like that?’”

Phil Robertson’s answer was simple. “I said I would think that what wisdom [is]. He wised up instead of making a fool out of himself. He just keeps his mouth shut.” 

The response that the “Duck Dynasty” alum was him being told he doesn’t understand talent. “[They said], ‘Your brother Si, he’ll step across that line. That’s what talent is.’ I said, ‘Well, somewhere in the mix, I missed it, dude.’”

According to IMDb, the new series “Duck Family Treasure” follows “Duck Dynasty” stars Jase and Jep Roberston as they search for various treasures alongside their Uncle Si and history expert, Murry Crowe. They search for precious treasures, rare artifacts, and hidden gems. 

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Si Robertson Says His Faith Has Gotten Him Through Life 

While speaking to Fox News in 2016, Si Robertson spoke about why his faith is so important to him. “That’s what got me through [at the time] 65 years of life,” the “Duck Dynasty” alum explained. “My belief in God and what He’s done for us and what He will do for us. That’s a lot of the problems now.”

Si Robertson went on to say that a lot of people don’t believe there’s evil. “If good in this world, then you’re being intellectually dishonest, if you believe there’s a good power you’ve also got to believe there’s an evil power too. There are physical laws that are in place.”

In regards to why he believes “Duck Dynasty” was so popular in its time, Robertson noted, “Well, I think it’s going back to the pioneer days. We’re reminding Americans what this country was founded on, Bible-toting, God-fearing men and women.”