‘Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Posts Hunting Pic With His Long-Lost Daughter

by Joe Rutland

We’ve seen a lot of photos from Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson over the years but this one is interesting with his daughter. Robertson, in a series of photos that includes his beloved family, lets people see him along with Phyllis. They are out in hunting gear and Phil has some ducks they’ve nabbed as well. Also, he’s written a lengthy post that covers faith and family in it.

Upon reading this post and seeing the photos, one fan writes, “God Bless you all thanks for being there for all of US”. This fan shares a little personal story with Robertson and other Duck Dynasty fans. “At 63 I’ve adopted all three of my great nieces children,” the person writes. “Two beautiful girls and boy. Their ages 4, 2 and 1. Each one were placed in our home straight from hospital to our house.I’m the only father figure they know. I love them very dearly. It must be a Robertson thing.”

Kay Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Has Faith-Filled Outlook About Phyllis

Phyllis is part of the Robertson family, for sure. But she was Phil’s child from infidelity to his wife, Kay. How would Miss Kay respond when her husband’s long-lost daughter would come into their lives? Well, her response could be called a faith-filled way.

In her own Instagram post, she would write, “Phyllis Robertson Thomas is the daughter I always prayed for. I’m grateful for every day we get to spend with her. When we first met, it hurt her to think her presence might her me.” Miss Kay was not through. She adds that “she was never a painful reminder of those days when Phil ran wild. Instead, Phyllis is a beautiful reminder of what God can do in our lives.”

While we are mentioning Phyllis, she had some comments to make about receiving feedback during duck hunts. Back in 2020, she was out with Phil and the boys. Talk about learning and on-the-job training. When you are out duck hunting with these guys, you better be on top of your game. For her, it all was about the experience itself. Toss in being with her birth father, too.

She knows that she is going to make mistakes as a then-newbie duck hunter. “It doesn’t bother me because I don’t have that kind of ego wrapped up into it,” Phyllis said. “I know that I’m new and I expect to shoot like a new person.” For her, being part of a famous family allows Phyllis a chance to learn new things. But the most important thing is being reconnected to Phil in her own life.