‘Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Captures Daughter Saying ‘Mama’ for First Time in Adorable Video

by Suzanne Halliburton

For the Duck Dynasty family, circle this date. On Friday, June 3, baby Honey said “mama.” And Sadie Robertson’s reaction to hearing her daughter say those two magical syllables instantly will boost your mood. Promise.

Robertson shared a video clip of this brief, authentic family moment. It looks like she’s in her kitchen, with Honey on her hip. And she coaches Honey a bit as the 13-month-old starts moving her jaw to get out the memorable word. She’s definitely working on that whole extroverted, Duck Dynasty kind of vibe.

“Hey, silly girl, can you say Mama?” Sadie says. And Honey obliges, complete with that slightly crooked, precious smile.

Sadie wrote on Instagram: “This deserves a permanent place on my feed. HONEY SAID MAMA!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting on this moment for 13 months … melting. Also, she’s the silliest girl in the world.”

We’d say we haven’t seen anything cuter, at least today. Take a look for yourself.

Baby Honey Turned 1 Last Month. Family Went for Pink, Not Duck Dynasty Attire

Sadie and her husband Christian helped celebrate Honey’s first birthday, May 11. And the Duck Dynasty star commemorated the moment, writing:

“MAY 11! My favorite day of all 365! Our favorite girl was born and she has been changing our world ever since!!! She’s sweet and strong. She’s somehow curious, cautious and crazy all at the same time. (And) she’s so funny and full of the purest joy I’ve ever known! She makes me my best self.”

You could call the birthday party theme pretty in pink. Honey wore all shades of pink from her sandals to her headband. She wore a pink, mini baseball jersey, with Honey spelled on the front. There was a bounce house and a pit featuring pastel shades of balls. Of course, there also was a slide and so many presents. The cake was beautiful with rainbow sprinkles and blush-colored icing. It looked to be the perfect party for a precocious one-year-old.

Now, imagine the impromptu party, Friday, the day Honey said mama. The Duck Dynasty star quickly found out what kind of impact her sweet baby had on her followers. Here’s a sampling of the reactions.

“Watching this one bazillion times,” a follower wrote.

“The best!! Sweetest and silliest girl!!!,” wrote another. And there was this from a fan:
“Aw so cute. My son’s first words were help gramma. lol. He didn’t know how to work the bathroom door when it closed.”

Although this day belonged to mama, there were others who brought up Honey’s resemblance to her father. Sadie married Christian, Nov. 25, 2019, to expand the Duck Dynasty.

“She is her daddy’s twin!” a fan wrote. “What a sweet, precious and beautiful baby girl!”