‘Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Huff and Bella Robertson ‘Unintentionally Match’ at Wedding

by Samantha Whidden

In a hilarious turn of events, Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff shared some sweet snapshots of her and her sister Bella unintentionally matching for a mutual friend’s wedding. 

“Unintentionally matched my lil twin tonight at our friend’s wedding,” the Duck Dynasty castmate shared. “Congrats Curly & Katelynn!”

The outfit matching wedding excitement came just days after Sadie Robertson Huff became emotional while speaking about her daughter, Honey. The Duck Dynasty star shared a lesson that she and her husband Christian Huff learned this week while on vacation in Hawaii. 

In the post, the Duck Dynasty beauty spoke about how she and Christian had an entire day worth of activities planned. However, she was only able to accomplish 1% of them. “Traveling with kids tends to be that way!” She explained. “We were kind of bummed because.. expectations. The truth is life is often not what we think it’s going to be because we aren’t in full control of our life.”

Robertson Huff further explained that as much as parents plan, prepare, create, and control situations, at the end of the day they can’t control it all. “Part of that is frustrating, but a huge part of that is amazing.” 

“I think when we learn to surrender our expectations to God’s plan for our life we position [ourselves] to be much happier people,” she went on to write. “Grateful for the things that happen in our [lives] and able to lean into and learn during the unexpected moments.”

Robertson Huff added at the end of this day that nothing they had planned happened she was rocking Honey to sleep and she caught a glimpse of them in the mirror as she sang her to sleep.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff Celebrates Her New EP With LO Worship

Last month, Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff announced her new EP, Steady Light, with LO Worship. 

As she wrote about the EP, the Duck Dynasty castmate spoke about how she approached the song. “I hope this song can do the same thing for you! In the times when you don’t have the words to say and just need hope to lean on I hope this can be your anthem, and a reminder that even in the darkness HE IS YOUR STEADY LIGHT.”

Sadie Robertson Huff further explained that the song was written right after she had COVID-19 in 2020 along with “the rest of the world”. She described the time as being pretty dark globally and also for her personally. “It was the first time I was struggling to even worship. I didn’t know what to say to God or how to say it. It all just looked so dark and felt so dark.”