‘Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Huff Gets Emotional Speaking Out About Her Daughter

by Taylor Cunningham

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff is embracing the unexpected as she navigates through life as a mom to her “favorite girl.”

The reality TV star is currently on vacation in the Hawaiian islands with her husband, Christian, and their daughter, Honey. And while the parents are admittedly having a wonderful time, they’re learning that having a 14-month-old in tow can throw a hitch in their plans.

In an Instagram post, Sadie shared a life lesson that she and Christian learned this week. and it’s one that everyone should note.

In a lengthy caption, the 25-year-old explained that she had an entire day’s worth of activities planned today. But she only accomplished “1% of them.”

“Traveling with kids tends to be that way! We were kind of bummed because of… expectations,” she wrote.

The frustration led to a long conversation with Christian, who was also disappointed. But after talking it through, both of them realized that they needed to let go of their “expectations” and learn to love the unpredictability of life.

“The truth is life is often not what we think it’s going to be because we aren’t in full control of our life. As much as we want to plan, prepare, create, and control at the end of the day we can’t control it all,” she continued. “Part of that is frustrating, but a huge part of that is amazing.”

“I think when we learn to surrender our expectations to God’s plan for our life we position ourselves to be much happier people,” Sadie continued. “Grateful for the things that happen in our [lives] and able to lean into and learn during the unexpected moments.”

Sadie Robertson Huff ‘Never’ Could Have ‘Planned This Better’

Sadie Robertson Huff realized the truth in her words twice since having her revelation. That night, she was rocking her daughter to sleep and she “caught a glimpse” of herself in the mirror. Seeing herself as a mom brought a tear to her eye.

“Ya know, a lot of times life is better than we expect,” she thought to herself. “I could have never planned this better than God gave it. Me being a mom to my favorite girl.”

Sadie also saw the less touching side of unpredictability that night, however, when Honey woke up at 1 am and didn’t fall back to sleep for six hours. Though, her new outlook helped her make it through the night.

“Once again sometimes it’s better than expected and sometimes it’s harder [than] expected. I’m learning to just live grateful for the moments,” she continued.

“Moments that don’t meet expectations can be frustrating,” Huff added. “But don’t let moments of frustration turn into seasons of frustration. My memories won’t be tied to the frustrating moments that didn’t go as planned. But it will be flooded with the things we chose to do when the plans changed.”