‘Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Huff & Her Husband Reveal First Photos of Dream Home in the Works

by Alex Falls

The resident beauty queen of Duck Dynasty, Sadie Robertson Huff, shared the news that she and her husband Christian are building their dream home. She posted a heartfelt message on Instagram to announce the momentous occasion as she and her family move to the next big step in their life.

“When Christian and I moved into our first rental home, on our first meal, we had a conversation about what we wanted our home to be,” Huff began in her post. “Not the way we wanted it to look, but what our home would mean to us and others. During that conversation we said, ‘this house will set the tone.’ whoever we are ‘out there’ will first be created here. Who we are publicly will flow from who we are privately.”

She continued in her post, “Our house will be a house that fears the Lord, raises disciples, hosts well, loves deeply, worships naturally, dances frequently, welcomes with grace, laughs often, and picks each other up when we fall!”

The post included a photo of the freshly laid foundation on which the Huffs will build their new home. The couple hoists up their daughter Honey for the joyous picture.

“At 2:00 am the other night our foundation for our first home was laid and at 2 am that night Christian and I were on our knees praying for the solid foundation our home would stand on! As we intentionally build physically it is so important that we build spiritually as well, on a solid foundation!”

Sadie Robertson Huff Leaves a Loving Message to Her Daughter

Huff loves to keep her nearly 5 million followers updated on her life. And fans of TV‘s Duck Dynasty are equally happy to see their favorite daughter of Willie Robertson build her own family. She recently posted another heartfelt message. This time to her young daughter Honey.

“This girl. she’s perfect. being her mom is my favorite thing that I get to do,” Huff said. “It is not always as pretty as matching outfits on vacation.. in fact it rarely is, but it is a gift every second nonetheless. We took so many pictures this week and in most of them I’m looking at my girl smiling ear to ear. I couldn’t stop staring at her cuteness – made perfectly in the image of God.”

And then Robertson went deeper with her thoughts. She opened up about a moment she knows her daughter will one day experience herself. “Earlier that day I had had an insecure thought. … Does that shock anyone? A girl at the beach having an insecure thought? No, it doesn’t, or at least it shouldn’t because every girl has that.”

The Duck Dynasty star continued: “I already tell Honey this, even though she might not understand yet. However, when I tell her to stick her tongue out she does so she’s getting something, lol. But I tell her, Honey you were made perfectly. Never look to the left or the right – look to Jesus – the author and perfecter of your faith.”