‘Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Huff Reacts to Winning Huge Award for Her Podcast

by Suzanne Halliburton

Sadie Robertson, you’ve had quite the week. First, the Duck Dynasty star celebrated baby Honey saying “mama” for the first time. Then hours later, the nation watched her win an award for her podcast.

And as Robertson loves to do, she shared her joy via social media. The podcast honor was part of the K-Love Fan Awards. The presentation actually happened during a show filmed May 29 at Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry. However, the broadcast of the awards happened Friday night. Robertson couldn’t mention her award until then. Her podcast is “Whoa That’s Good.”

Of course, she had an ALL CAPS kind of reaction. Sadie Robertson wrote on Instagram: “THANK Y’ALL SO MUCH!!!! “Whoa That’s Good” WON!”

Then Robertson provided some background about the podcast. She said “4 years ago I decided to start a podcast called ‘Whoa That’s Good!’ I wanted to start a podcast because I felt like a lot of people were looking for someone to mentor them, but didn’t know who to ask or how to ask. I realized I had so many mentors in my life I could call and ask advice for on things and I wanted to share with others.”

She added: “I never knew that would end up being 40 million downloads in 4 years… only God could do something like that through someone like me. And of course a huge shout out to my incredible team who work so hard to make this happen!”

Then Sadie Robertson gushed some more. “Over the past 4 years of hearing incredible advice from incredible people I hope y’all have been encouraged and felt mentored from afar. I know I have been encouraged and moved probably more than anyone. Getting to learn from all of these conversations, and find the gold in the lives of others has been a dream.

“As I always say, God is kind to include us. I’m wildly grateful for His grace and love. I’m also wildly grateful for all of you who have listened, downloaded, shared on social media, came up to me in person and chatted about the podcast, and followed along. It’s for you.”

The K-Love Fan Awards describes its purpose as to promote artists, athletes, authors and entertainers who “impact popular culture for Jesus Christ.” The awards show now is streaming on the TBN app, so you still can catch Sadie Robertson accept her award.

Now, about that other life moment this week. Robertson heard 13-month-old baby Honey say “mama” for the first time. Robertson posted video of the moment. She was holding Honey on her hip as she gave her daughter a little hint. “Hey, silly girl, can you say Mama?” Sadie Robertson asks. And Honey starts working her mouth and lips to say this most important word. When Sadie hears it, she beams. Robertson described it as “melting.” You can check out the heart-bursting moment here.