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‘Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Huff Reveals Mexico Vacation Started With a Disaster

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by jfizzy/Star Max/GC Images)

Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty headed out on vacation with some family members and friends but things started off on the wrong foot. Sadie, her husband Christian, baby girl Honey, and some others went down to Cabo San Lucas for some rest and relaxation. But things did not start out on the right foot. Instead, the trip actually started with a disaster. Sadie posted a series of photos from the vacation, starting out with one of her and Honey on the beach. In the caption area, Sadie Robertson, who is pregnant with another child, talked about what happened.

“It’s funny now,” Robertson writes. “We land and it immediately hits. We make it to the resort and the sweet people were ready to welcome us with a mariachi band and margaritas. While they are expecting a van full of excited people on vacation we whip right past the band and right past the drinks as fast as we can to get to the bathroom and this pregnant girl who can’t run fast enough puked right then and there in front of the mariachi band, in full song, and welcome crew.”

Sadie Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Overcomes Nausea Situation Quite Well

Robertson is 25 years old. It’s unclear if her nausea was connected with her pregnancy, Taste of Country reports. “I stood right back up acted like it didn’t happen and kept walking hahahahaha welcome to paradise,” Robertson says. The due date for baby No. 2 for Robertson isn’t known at this time. But she said that it was due in May, which would be nearly two years since Honey was born.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, Robertson offered a pregnancy update for her fans. She posted a photo of her showing off her baby bump in the photograph. Again, she went over to Instagram to offer up an update. She wrote in the caption area, “hellooo 2nd trimester! it is GREAT seeing you! grateful for all of it. thank you God!” Robertson is quite enthusiastic about having her second child. She shows off her baby bump and gratitude in this post.

Back in June, on another vacation jaunt to foreign lands, Robertson managed to bring in a little royalty to her Instagram post. She talked about getting a chance to see Honey in a crown. Imagine seeing the Huffs’ precious little daughter in a crown that sits her in royalty. “This little Queen got to go to a castle today!!! they even had a crown her size! swipe to imagine Honey James in this baby fur crown hahahaha”, Robertson wrote.