‘Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson Huff Speaks Out About Hearing ‘Gun Shots’ From Hotel Room During ‘Tragic’ Shooting

by Shelby Scott

Tragedy struck Norway Saturday when a gunman opened fire on a crowd during a Pride celebration in Oslo’s nightlife district. Now, after two deaths and more than a dozen wounded, Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff is speaking out about hearing the gunshots herself and sharing her prayers for those directly affected by the act. See her prayerful Instagram post below.

Robertson Huff’s to Norway marked both incredible highs and equally low lows following Saturday’s Oslo shooting. In her post, she began, “It was a historic day in Oslo, Norway yesterday for light and for darkness.”

As per her post, the Duck Dynasty star, her daughter, and her husband headed to the European nation to celebrate a gathering of Christian followers. However, amid their celebration, the shooting struck, leaving the TV star and the rest of the event’s attendees praying for the victims.

“We heard Gun shots from our hotel room at 1 am and woke up to find out the tragic news of a shooting at a bar outside of our hotel,” she revealed. In addressing the victims and their loved ones, Robertson Huff said, “we mourn with, and for those who mourn. our prayers have been with y’all.”

Fortunately for the Duck Dynasty star, she and her family managed to avoid the direct horror of the shooting, further revealing she and her family “went on to be a part of the largest christian gathering in Norway in over 30 years.”

Sadie Robertson Huff’s Touching Message to Her Daughter

Amid all the tragedy around the globe, some of the brightest blessings come in the form of tiny hands and toothy smiles. At least, that’s the case for Duck Dynasty‘s Sadie Robertson Huff. Robertson Huff, 25, welcomed her daughter Honey in May of last year, with the sweet little girl turning a year old just last month. Several weeks following her first birthday, little Honey’s mom penned a sweet message for her, sharing her most genuine thoughts on Instagram. Check out the photos and message below.

In her message, the Duck Dynasty star spoke about her view of herself and the way she’s changed since welcoming her daughter, Honey. Beneath the sweet mother-daughter photos, she said that while away on vacation, “i had an insecure thought. which does that shock anyone? a girl at the beach having an insecure thought? no it doesn’t, or at least it shouldn’t because every girl has that.”

Moving forward, her post became a lot more emotional.

“[T]hat thought led me to the sad reality that one day Honey James will have an insecure thought and it broke my heart…it actually did shock me, because she’s not every other girl – she’s my girl,” Robertson Huff explained.

In the end, the Duck Dynasty star encouraged all of her female followers to stop judging themselves based on others’ appearances, or even their reflection in the mirror. Instead, she reminded them, but especially Honey James, to “go read genesis 1 to remind yourself you were a part of an epic intentional creation.”