‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff’s Daughter Honey Gets a Taste of Royalty in Sweet Post: PHOTOS

by Alex Falls

Sadie Robertson Huff is known best for her role in the reality TV series, Duck Dynasty. But she also maintains a popular presence on social media with her Instagram page. Most recently, she showed off her daughter Honey while they had a mother-daughter stroll through a regal castle setting.

“This little Queen got to go to a castle today!!! they even had a crown her size! swipe to imagine Honey James in this baby fur crown hahahaha” Huff wrote on her post.

Her followers were quick to comment their adulation at the adorable display. “Cannot get enough Honey. More pics the betterrrrrr. MY QUEEN!” wrote one user. “Gosh so adorable standing there in her little romper with her cute baby legs. God bless her,” another said.

Huff didn’t stop there. The proud mother loves to post new photos of her adventures with her daughter and husband, Christian Huff. Just the day before, she posted another cute snap of her family out and about.

“This just in: there is literally nothing cuter in the whole world than a year old winking!!!” Huff wrote in her post.

Sadie Robertson Huff Reflects on Insecurity

Huff’s popular Instagram page is filled with loving tributes to her first-born daughter. As the newest member of the Duck Dynasty family, Honey is a major source of inspiration and love for Huff. She took a chance while on vacation to post a detailed and heartfelt message to her daughter as she looks forward to the future.

“This girl. she’s perfect. being her mom is my favorite thing that I get to do. it is not always as pretty as matching outfits on vacation.. in fact it rarely is, but it is a gift every second nonetheless.

“Earlier that day I had had an insecure thought. Which does that shock anyone? A girl at the beach having an insecure thought? No, it doesn’t, or at least it shouldn’t because every girl has that,” Huff wrote. “That thought led me to the sad reality that one day Honey James will have an insecure thought and it broke my heart. Like it really did break my heart.
it actually did shock me, because she’s not every other girl – she’s my girl.”

Huff reflected on the way she sees life as a new mother. She tells her followers to not let their insecurities weigh them down. Everyone is built differently, and she wants her little girl to grow up with the right perspective on insecurity.

“I’m sharing it with you so you can see it too,” Huff wrote. “The thought that you would be insecure is actually shocking. It always should be really. No matter if you’ve gained a little weight lately, have a little more acne during this season, or something doesn’t fit you like it does someone else… You were created intentionally by design and God said that His design was good.”