‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Huff’s Fans Can’t Get Enough of These Adorable New Pics of Her Daughter

by Shelby Scott

Just like every contemporary young mom, 25-year-old Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson Huff is obsessed with posting photos of her 1-year-old daughter Honey James. Since her birth in May last year, little Honey has gained a massive social media following via her mom’s Instagram. Now, fans are losing it after Robertson Huff shared photos of the little girl in a ballcap and boots. See the pics for yourself below.

Sadie Robertson Huff typically captions her photos with inspirational biblical verses and moral narratives. However, this time, she described the photos simply, writing, “my. whole. heart.”

The Duck Dynasty star’s post captures little Honey dressed in a floral raincoat, bright yellow boots, and a ball cap. Fans are always quick to share their love for Sadie Robertson Huff and her daughter Honey. And on Wednesday, they flocked to the comments section, gushing about the little girl’s outfit.

Robertson’s mom, and wife to Duck Dynasty patriarch Willie Robertson, commented, “I love that little girl so much!”

Other fans wrote, “she is the absolute cutest.” A second joked, “Can us mamas get a look-book of Honey James’ fashion recommendations already?”

Not even two years old and Sadie Robertson Huff’s little girl is already becoming a fashion influencer.

Sadie Robertson Huff Speaks About the Negatives of Social Media

For us moms, social media is the perfect outlet to show off our little ones without having to spend money on semi-mediocre quality prints. However, as a celebrity, and a woman who’s been in the spotlight since she was 14 years old, the Ducky Dynasty star knows a thing or two about social media.

In a recent post, Robertson Huff began, “I’ve had social media for a long time…and still get wounded by its [e]ffects sometimes.”

Speaking to her Instagram followers, the young mom explained that when it comes down to it, we’re responsible for our words and actions. Especially on social sharing platforms. In her post, she wrote, “There is a lot in life we can not control, but you can control you.”

She added, “you can control your words, your actions, and your kindness. you can control who you follow, what you look at, and what you share. You can control what you like, comment, and message.”

Above all else, though, Sadie Robertson Huff emphasized that our words carry more weight than we often realize. She specifically stated, “your words hold the power of LIFE AND DEATH. don’t take that lightly!”

In concluding she encouraged followers to get up from “under the covers” and “turn on the light,” meaning we should all work to spread a little more kindness and compassion in our day-to-day lives.