‘Duck Dynasty’s Uncle Si Roberston Shares Preview of New Show ‘Duck Family Treasure’

by Joe Rutland

If you aren’t ready for a new Duck Dynasty show, then you’d better get that way because one is coming your way. That’s right. Uncle Si Robertson is giving everyone a little sneak peek ahead of Duck Family Treasure premiering on FOX Nation. This show looks like it’s going to be another winner from the Robertson family. Anyone who has seen them on the OG show knows that they always can be entertaining. Well, let’s take a look at the peek Uncle Si is offering right here.

Are the fans ready for this show? One writes in the comments section, “Uncle Si is a Rockstar!!!!!” Another one says, “‘Say when’…just need a ‘I’m your huckleberry’ in there too”. Well, it sure does appear to be some fans will be looking to see this show make its premiere. Recently, a trailer for the show was released. Jase and Jep Robertson also will be part of the crew here.

Health News For Uncle Si of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Has Him Facing Lung Surgery

FOX Nation indicates that the show will be about these cats hunting for buried treasure. Here’s some more information to whet your whistle. “With the help of their quick-witted Uncle Si and expert treasure hunter, Murry Crowe, Jase and Jep are ready to uncover some incredible historical riches.” Expect to see Missy and Jessica Robertson, along with other family members, show up on here at times.

Meanwhile, we do have some Uncle Si health news to pass along in case you missed it. He is set to undergo lung surgery and Si talked about it in a Facebook post. “I had some tests in Houston,” Uncle Si writes. “There are a few more things we have to do, but it looks like I’m approved for lung surgery. Then I’ll be able to talk your ears off with even more stories, all guaranteed to be 95% true!” We all wish him well and a speedy recovery from his procedure.

What do you think might be the one difference between Uncle Si and Jase? It involves the power of having fun. See, Si breaks all of this down as part of an Instagram post. “Everyone says me and Jase are a lot alike, but there’s one difference,” he says. “If I can’t have fun, I ain’t coming along. Jase is, well, he’s just the opposite. Y’all tell my nephew I’m having fun no matter what! We always have fun on the new @duckcallroom.” If it’s fun that he wants, and Si’s involved, then you better believe some laughs are going down on Duck Family Treasure. Check it out on FOX Nation.