‘Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson Unveils New Look: PHOTO

by Shelby Scott

When Willie Robertson starred in Duck Dynasty during its run from 2012 to 2017, fans knew him for his long beard and equally long hair. However, in a new Instagram post, Ducky Dynasty fans caught the 50-year-old TV personality showing off an all-new look and fans had plenty to say. Check out his post below.

In celebration of Taco Tuesday, the Duck Dynasty star captioned his post, “It’s what Tuesday’s are made for.”

While many fans complimented the star’s new look, others weren’t sure how to feel.

“I think Willie is going through a mid-life [crisis] (hair),” one fan said. Another commented, “Food looks great, but your beard is so short….Almost didn’t recognize you.”

Others, however, think the Duck Dynasty star is thriving on the new look.

“Willie looking good,” one follower complimented the star’s photo, “love the hair and beard.”

One other Duck Dynasty fan wrote beneath the photos, “Taco Tuesday! Yay! Looks yummy!! I also think your blonde hair looks great! Good for you!”

Recently, however, fans got to take a peek back at classic Willie Robertson as the Duck Dynasty star shared a hilarious throwback of himself and country music star Luke Bryan “circa 2007” performing an original impromptu song that we’ll just call “Rattlesnake.”

While the clip shows off Robertson’s ridiculous singing and dancing, it also highlights how different the Duck Commander CEO looks now versus more than a decade ago. Check out the full article for yourself here.

Willie Robertson’s Recipe for Venison Chili

Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson boasts a multitude of talents that not only include singing. In addition to crafting duck calls and impromptu songs about rattlesnakes, the Duck Dynasty patriarch is also a talented cook. Just take a look at his Taco Tuesday table for confirmation of that. Last night’s menu was heavy on the Mexican, however, previously, the TV star showed off his skills by putting together a delicious-looking pot of deer chili. Check it out below and, for your sake, I hope you’re not hungry.

The collection of photos captures the Duck Dynasty star boasting a full pot of chili, though fans especially loved the out-of-character chef’s hat donning Robertson’s head. Others critiqued the star’s recipe as the pot clearly features various kinds of beans, claiming a true chili recipe doesn’t actually have beans. I’ll leave y’all to battle that one out.

In addition to tacos and chili, Willie Robertson has also taken to social media with recipes for all kinds of food including tilapia, hot chicken thighs, fried deer steak, and more. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next meal, be sure to check out the Duck Dynasty star’s Instagram because you’ll find no lack of delicious, easy meals.