‘Duck Dynasty’s Jase Robertson Says He Committed ‘Unspeakable Crime’ in Church Building

by Chris Piner

Although the A&E show Duck Dynasty only aired from 2012 to 2017, in that time, the Robertson family cranked out 11 seasons with over 130 episodes. Showing just how popular the show was, when the fourth season premiered, it accumulated 11.8 million viewers. It is considered the most-watched nonfiction cable show in history. Not only did the show gain a massive following, but numerous spin-off series sprouted from the original concept. In 2020, Fox Nation acquired the show, allowing them to create yet another show called Duck Family Treasure in 2022. Continuing to share their Christian views and love for family, recently, one of the stars of Duck Dynasty, Jase Robertson, detailed how he apparently performed a sinful act while in church. 

Again, given their beliefs, the Robertson Family always made it a point to pray together at the end of each episode. And it wasn’t just for the cameras as the family continues to attend and support the church. But for Jase Robertson, who attended church his entire life, he found out that eating a snack while inside is frowned upon. And for those wondering, Jase’s snack of choice is a Honey Bun. 

Jase Robertson Gives Update On Daughter

Other than breaking known Church rules, Jase Robertson appeared on the Unashamed podcast where he updated fans on his daughter’s condition. Since 2004, Mia Robertson has struggled with both a cleft lip and palate. Now 18 years old, Mia recently underwent her 14th surgery to correct the issue. Jase admitted, “She’s doing great. She’s turned a corner.” 

When asked about her breathing, Jase continued, “Everything seems great, seems to be fine. Surgery went a little longer than expected, but she is home and recovering. Thank you for praying for her and for our family. She is a champion!”

With Mia now an adult, handling her own health, Jase Robertson’s wife, Missy, explained how it felt different. “Since she is 18 now, she is taking the lead in all the discussions and medical forms. It’s been a little strange. But it’s just another reminder to lean on the Lord and that I’m not in control.”

Walking alongside her daughter through it all, both Missy and Jase Robertson believed there is a reason for the condition. “Looking back, especially over the last couple of years, we definitely see reasons for Him allowing us to go through this and allowing Mia to go through the pain and the challenges that she has in her life. She wants to help other people. To me, that speaks not only about a greatness about her, as an individual, but about the greatness of our God to see something in a child, long before she was born, that could help influence people and to bring them closer to Him. Who am I to question that about Him?”