‘Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Calls Out ‘Divisive’ Phrases Like ‘His Truth’ and ‘Her Truth’

by Joe Rutland

Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson keeps up with the ways of the world through his own unique perspective. This time, Phil is calling out what he’s terming as “divisive” phrases. Among them are ones like “his truth” and “her truth.” Well, he’s offering some words about this situation. You can see and hear what he says right here in this latest Instagram post. A number of his fans were sharing their approval of his comments, too.

Robertson recently also decided to take on the topic of cancel culture. In his opinion, this has “gone too far.” The Duck Dynasty star would expand on his thoughts in an interview with Fox News Digital. “The people that fuel cancel culture just want to find your mistakes and elevate them,” he said. “It’s more worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God… I think God gave us a great deal, and it’s free of charge.”

His response here comes while reflecting upon a 2013 GQ interview that almost landed him in hot water. Robertson does not hide the fact that he is a devout Christian man who believes in the Bible.

Phil Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Offered Reflection On Uncle Si

Let’s get some wisdom, though, from him about a family member. Speaking of wisdom, here is Phil offering up some thoughts on the wisdom of Uncle Si. He talked about Si after the debut of Duck Family Treasure. People who tune into the show can see Si along with Jase and Jep Robertson. They are out hunting for treasures alongside history expert Murry Crowe. As for Uncle Si, Phil captioned his Instagram post like this. “I was shocked by what those ‘Duck Dynasty’ people said about my brother Si,” Robertson wrote. “But I do know this: There’s no one like him.” He would go on to talk about wisdom and what it looked like in his eyes versus those who were running Duck Dynasty for the A&E Network. Si’s wisdom about life was different from others’ perspectives. Still, there is no doubt that Phil loves Uncle Si, so there’s no confusion from that standpoint.

Fatherhood matters to Phil. He raised up his family in his own way, and that’s good enough for Robertson. Recently, Phil wrote a rather tender post on Instagram about this topic. He takes it seriously. Besides his faith, Phil might put fatherhood up there among his main priorities in life. Duck Dynasty had many moments which taught viewers lessons about life. Maybe even how Phil would go about being a father to his children.

“As I grew into my role as a father, I wanted to teach my boys about the fruit of a virtuous life,” he wrote. “I wanted them to develop good character so they might walk in the blessings of the Almighty.”