‘Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Hilariously Speaks on Miss Kay’s Newest Puppies

by Craig Garrett

Duck Dynasty star and radio personality Phil Robertson welcomed 2 new puppies to his household, thanks to Miss Kay’s insistence. The colorful reality star took to his official Instagram to share news of the tiny pooches’ arrival.

Phil Robertson captioned the clip with his trademark wit. “Miss Kay brought in two of the tiniest puppies. That means four dogs in the house now. Oh boy …” In the video, Robertson goes into detail about a potential clash between his older dogs and the new puppies. The Duck Dynasty patriarch seems nonplussed about the news of the puppies. “Literally Miss Kay on our way back here [told me] we’ve got two dogs. And she said they’re the most beautiful dogs in the world,” he says sarcastically.

“Well, we got Sneaky and Freaky who Miss Kay got off the Dashers, and they’re the dumbest dogs on Earth. We were wondering what their response was going to be to two new dogs showing up. So when the two new ones they brought him in, they were hugging him, you know, they had a little blanket, you know?”Phil Robertson seemed concerned that his older dogs would get jealous of the attention the puppies were getting. “So we don’t want a big dog fight you know?”

However, Phil Robertson noted that his older dogs aren’t very brave.” But Sneaky and Freaky have never been fighters,” he said. “The only time they will get close to me is if it thunders. If it thunders, boom, here they come. And they get beside me and start shaking like ‘save us!'”, he joked. Robertson’s cohost quips about how the only thing the cowardly dogs fear more than Robertson himself is literal lightning from the sky.

Phil Robertson looks back on past controversies

With Duck Dynasty not getting renewed recently, Roberton has been reflecting on past controversies. “The ones who attacked me, I didn’t hold it against them,” Robertson recently told Fox News Digital. “They asked me a question about a particular sin, homosexual behavior. And they asked if I believed it was a sin. I thought to myself, that’s a weird question to ask someone, but I just quoted a Bible verse… I quoted what God had to say about that sin and nine other sins, but it was in the list of sins… As we were doing Duck Dynasty, the upper crowd at A&E decided to drop the ax on me without first looking into what went down.”

“They put me on what they called an indefinite hiatus,” Robertson recalled. “I said, ‘I think I may be getting fired, right?’ Hiatus says you’re not part of the program anymore. After nine days they reinstated me, but we had all kinds of sponsors that just took off. They had made a mockery of what I said. All I did was quote a Bible verse. And as a result, they tried to cancel me. But it didn’t cancel me at all.”

Despite the setbacks, Phil Robertson doesn’t hold any grudges. “I still love them. I don’t hate anyone,” he said. “The Bible teaches us to love thy neighbor even with their mistakes,” he concluded.