‘Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Lays Down the Law in New Video, Fans Are Loving It

by Samantha Whidden

Never to hold back when it comes to his opinion, especially when it comes to religion, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson laid down the law in a new video from his latest podcast episode. 

“How seriously does God take sin?” The Duck Dynasty alum asked. “Just look at the sacrifice he made – the lengths he went to just to save us from it. That’s how devastating sin is and how deeply he loves each and every one of us.”

Fans of the Duck Dynasty star took to Instagram to share their thoughts on his comments. “I really like how you worded that,” one fan wrote. “That helped me understand more. Thank you. God bless you and your family.”

“Amen, Phil,” another fan declared. “I just created my story for today. God gave us free will to choose. This world was trying to take me away from God’s plan. My family in faith helped me realize that. Love one another as Jesus loves us. Choose the road to eternity over worldly sin. Amen to you!”

Phil Robertson Opens Up About Finding Faith Before ‘Duck Dynasty’ Fame 

While speaking to Fox News in March 2019, Phil Robertson recalled how he found his faith in God prior to gaining fame from Duck Dynasty. 

“Until I was 28, I didn’t have any faith,” Robertson shared. “Here I am biblically speaking – God said I was under the control of the evil one. I didn’t know that. I was just getting high and drunk with the worst of them.”

The Duck Dynasty star further spoke about how he built a track record that was not a good one. “I then realized, ‘What was I thinking? All that mischief and carrying on.’ … I came to know Jesus.

That was when Robertson said he ended up having enough of his old life and was ready for a chance. “I looked up one day and I said, ‘Man, I’m driven to do this. I have to do it.’”

Although he has been faced with temptation over the years, Robertson stated that he had the strength to stay dedicated to his later in life faith in God. “At first, I’m trying to be good. I’m learning how to be good. My friends would come by, my old buddies, and they would say, ‘Let’s go for a ride. Drive up the road.’ I said, ‘Nah.’ My faith was being tested.”

Robertson said he ended up breaking away from his friends and he got an unlisted phone number and he hid out the first year while he was trying to get on his “spiritual” feet. “That was 44 years ago. Well, the further I have gone on my walk of faith the more faithful I have become.”