‘Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson Urges Americans to Make ‘One Big Change’

by Shelby Scott

Life is all about change and growth and Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson is a big supporter of that, urging fans, in a new video, to make “one big change.” See what he has to say below.

In speaking about the United States’ founding fathers, the Duck Dynasty star said, “They founded the greatest nation on the planet 247 years ago, it hasn’t been long.” Further, addressing some common sentiments in the U.S. currently, he continued, “You say, ‘Well, whatever happened to men like the founding fathers?’ It’s just one every once in a while, you’ll see someone that fears God and does what is right.”

And according to the Duck Dynasty star, that’s the biggest problem in America—that many Americans have lost faith or no longer follow the word of God.

“It’s passing away,” Robertson said, “right before our very eyes. And unless there’s a massive…repentance…on this next election cycle, you can kiss the United States of America goodbye.”

“We’ve got to change,” he insisted. “It’s gotta be a big one.”

Some of the Duck Dynasty star’s fans took to the comments, sharing in his train of thought.

“God Bless you Phil, and God Bless America,” one viewer responded. Another Duck Dynasty fan shared, “You’re right in more ways than one. If America gets much worse it will be good riddance. I still think there’s a good chance it can be saved.”

Phil Robertson Previously Revealed He ‘Didn’t Have Any Faith’ During His Youth

As we can see in the video above and in many other Phil Robertson clips, the 76-year-old Duck Dynasty star is a devout Christian and that belief has translated into the Robertsons’ younger generations. However, while many of the TV star’s clips address faith and God, he previously revealed that, in his youth, and long before Duck Dynasty, he once lacked faith entirely.

During a Fox News interview in 2019, Robertson revealed, “Until I was 28, I didn’t have any faith. Here I am biblically speaking – God said I was under the control of the evil one. I didn’t know that. I was just getting high and drunk with the worst of them.”

Suddenly though, he said he woke up one day and knew that, like America, he needed to make a change of his own.

“I then realized,” he told the outlet, “‘What was I thinking? All that mischief and carrying on.’…I came to know Jesus.”

Maintaining his faith, especially in his younger days, wasn’t exactly easy though. He said that, upon first discovering Christianity, his “old buddies” would come by and say, “Let’s go for a ride. Drive up the road.” However, despite the temptation, he stayed his course.

“My faith was being tested,” Robertson explained.