‘Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson Shows Off New Look in Family Vacation Pics

by Shelby Scott

A few weeks ago, Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson shocked fans with a brand new look on Instagram. Instead of the long hair and thick beard fans of the A&E show once knew, the 50-year-old TV star instead showed off a short-cropped ‘do and a neatly trimmed beard. In addition, photos suggest Robertson dyed his hair a subtle blonde, entirely updating his appearance. Now, taking to Instagram again, this time with a series of sweet family photos, the Duck Dynasty star is owning his brand new look. Check it out.

Korie Robertson, Willie Robertson’s famous wife, shared the family photos on her Instagram page, with the primary photo showing off the sheer size of the Duck Dynasty family. Robertson, a devout Christian and family woman, spoke about the importance of traditions and growth.

Encouraging her followers to put greater effort into family bonds, the Duck Dynasty star wrote, “If you want a family that sticks together through it all you eventually must choose to be inter-dependent. You have to be intentional about it. Spend time together, offer to help one another, love each other’s kids, cheer each other on, talk together about your hopes and dreams, share some common goals, shared values, appreciate the differences in one another that together make you a great team and also keep life interesting, be there for one another in the good and bad times.”

Clearly, while changes as small as a new hairdo can be largely impactful, Korie Robertson knows it’s about connection and support that really defines a person and a family.

‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Sadie Robertson Shares Emotional Message About Her Daughter

While Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson hasn’t been a mom for nearly as long as her mother Korie, she’s quickly learned some of the most important values in parenthood. Most recently, the 25-year-old mom of one shared an important lesson she learned recently about change and expectations. Reflecting on plans gone awry, the TV star shared an emotional message about her daughter Honey.

In an insightful post, which you can view here, Robertson wrote, “I think when we learn to surrender our expectations to Gods plan for our life we position ourself to be much happier people. Grateful for the things that happen in our life and able to lean into and learn during the unexpected moments.”

Detailing a day that everything went awry simply as a result of having a young child, the Duck Dynasty star continued, “At the end of this day that nothing we had planned happened I was rocking Honey to sleep and I caught a glimpse of us in the mirror as I sang her to sleep. I smiled and had a tear form as I thought to myself, ‘ya know, a lot of times life is better than we expect.’ I could have never planned this better than God gave it.”

Fans, sharing in her reflections, had insightful comments of their own.

“Yes and yes,” one Duck Dynasty fan wrote. “Our hope is in Him and immovable.”

Another added, “Exactly what I needed today!”