Dwayne Johnson Announces Role as ‘Master of Ceremonies’ for Shark Week

by Joe Rutland

People love tuning into Shark Week and, well, it just got a bit bigger as Dwayne Johnson will be along for all of the fun. Yes, sir, Johnson is letting the world know that he’s the “Master of Ceremonies” for the Discovery Channel shows. This is one time that people just love to find out more about these amazing, dangerous animals. There’s something interesting and intriguing about them. This time, the world’s biggest box-office movie star is along for the TV ride. Check out this announcement from Johnson, also known as The Rock.

Shark Week festivities begin on July 24. While having Johnson on there is big enough, he’s not the only attraction, besides sharks, coming along. Tracy Morgan and cast members of Jackass will have their own shows, too. According to CNN, Jackass Shark Week 2.0 will have Johnny Knoxville, Wee Man, and others helping someone get over their fear of sharks. Another show with Morgan will have him with shark experts talking about which ones are the craziest out there.

Dwayne Johnson Finds Success Beyond Pro Wrestling Days

It’s been quite a ride for Johnson over the past few years. He was part of the very lucrative Fast & Furious franchise along with Vin Diesel. And he has made a number of movies with comedian Kevin Hart as well. Johnson would become known as The Rock back in his pro wrestling days. The moniker has stuck with him and Johnson’s social media following ranks among the biggest in the world. He’s a pretty big dude so it all fits together quite well.

Dwayne Johnson, at one time, literally had $7 to his name. His rise to fame and fortune, though, is a story for the ages. In homage to his struggling days, Johnson calls his production company Seven Bucks Productions. TV viewers have been getting inside looks into him growing up thanks to the series Young Rock on NBC. And yes, a number of those episodes do reflect him growing up around professional wrestlers. He comes from a family dedicated to that industry, including his late father “Soulman” Rocky Johnson.

In fact, The Rock loves to tell the story of how he got started in the family business. It was through a connection with Vince McMahon, CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, and the rest is history. After an early start being known as Rocky Maivia, Johnson would go down to former territory Ohio Valley Wrestling and develop his new in-ring character. Main-eventing WrestleManias turned into his first movie titled The Mummy Returns. Nowadays, a movie starring Johnson is nearly a guaranteed box-office blockbuster. Catch him, though, hanging around some sharks on Shark Week later in July.