Elisabeth Hasselbeck Returning as Guest Co-Host on ‘The View’

by Suzanne Halliburton

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the original conservative on The View, is returning to her old show.

And she’s asking for prayers. We think she’s kidding. Hasselbeck, via People, broke the news Thursday about her return to The View. She’ll be there Aug. 3.

“It will be an honor to cohost The View, share our bestselling children’s book, “Flashlight Night”, and as always tackle hot topics!” Hasselbeck told People. “Pray for me y’all!”

The View, during its 25th anniversary season, has welcomed many former co-hosts. The show wasn’t always one that featured women discussing the political hot topics of the day. In its beginnings back in 1997, the show handled entertainment topics and other news of the day. Hasselbeck joined the show in 2003. when she was in her mid-20s. She also was a newlywed, hoping to start a family with husband Tim Hasselbeck, an NFL quarterback. Two years before, Hasselbeck was a fan favorite on Survivor, finishing fourth on the reality show.

Hasselbeck held her own for a decade. Her on-air spats with Rosie O’Donnell often went viral. O’Donnell quit after one of them. When Hasselbeck wrote a book in 2019, she included her experiences on The View. She called it Point of View: A Fresh Look at Work, Faith, and Freedom

“It was called The View, as in definite and singular,” she wrote. “Yes, there were bonds of friendship formed around the table despite opposing views, but there were also bonds broken because of those differing perspectives.”

She continued: “Like a fighter after ten rounds in a ring, I was exhausted from holding one side of the issue alone, though happy to do it, and I needed the faces of my kids to be close to mine as soon as possible.”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck was a host on The View from 2003-13. (SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

Hasselbeck Left The View for Fox and Friends

Hasselbeck had three kids during her decade on The View. She left the show in 2013 and took a job as a host on the popular cable TV morning show, Fox and Friends. She said Barbara Walters, who created The View, helped her land the job on Fox News.

“When I arrived at The View, I was newly married, in my mid-twenties, and really inexperienced when it came to television, politics, and debating,” she wrote in her book. “By the time I walked out of the building on that last day, I had three children, and thanks to (Walters) a wealth of experience.”

Meanwhile, the talk show used the past year to find a permanent replacement for the conservative seat at the table. Meghan McCain quit the show last summer after a rocky three years.

Reports suggest that The View will promote Alyssa Farah Griffin as its permanent conservative host. She used to work for the Trump administration, but has renounced her support for the former president. However, she says she’s still a Republican. Griffin has guest hosted this season many times. The show goes on summer hiatus, Aug. 5, then returns after Labor Day.