‘Entourage’ Star Kevin Dillon Has a Johnny Drama Story Pitch for a Potential Reboot

by Samantha Whidden

Nearly 11 years after the hit TV series “Entourage” came to an end, Kevin Dillon reveals he has a Johnny Drama story pitch for a potential reboot. 

During a recent interview with Screen Rant, Dillon revealed details about his “Entourage” reboot idea and that he is still trying to convince the creator Doug Ellin to bring the show back.

 “Well, right now I’m at Action Park Studios, where we shoot the Victory Pod,” the “Entourage” star explained. “We’re gonna do a Victory Podcast after I talk to you, Doug’s in the other room with Kevin Connolly. Every time I see him, I throw it out there, I bring something up. I’d like to think if we were doing [a] reboot, I’d like to think somehow he’s struggling again, because I love a struggling Johnny Drama.”

The “Entourage” cast member also said that he prefers Johnny Drama to struggle instead of being successful. “Yeah, he won the Golden Globe, but maybe his career, he’s like in a hole and he’s back to the old Drama stuff again. Then again, Doug Ellin might see it differently and, ‘You’re on top of the world.’ I don’t know, who knows, but I do love a struggling Drama.”

Dillon previously spoke about a potential reboot of “Entourage” in 2020. He said at that time he was frequently discussing the ideas with Ellin. The creator himself confirmed he is interested in a potential reboot and said it could happen one day in the future. “The biggest stars in the world still call me,” Ellin explained.  “They want me to do ‘Entourage’ in their world. We’re talking in the music industry, in the sports industry, they still go ‘We want Entourage!’”

‘Entourage’ Creator Previously Accused HBO for ‘Burying’ the TV Series 

In May 2021, “Entourage” creator Doug Ellin stated he felt that HBO was trying to bury the show and its legacy. He notably blamed a “PC culture” for impacting the TV show. 

“For a while, we were hiding in, like, ‘wish-fulfillment’ shows,” the ‘Entourage creator explained. “We were nominated for the Emmys or the Golden Globes almost every single year, so to not put us on the must-see comedy list was pretty bizarre…I resent it tremendously.”

Ellis went on to say that he doesn’t believe “Entourage” was the “vulgar boy fest” that critics claim it is. “When we came out, the New York Times said we were the smartest show on television. Then all of a sudden this righteous wave of PC culture, and again you are talking to a liberal who wants equality for all and wants everyone to be kinder and gentler, when people write about it they say something that Ari said is how I express myself which it’s really offensive.”